There is a fabled wandering hobo known to belch, "Damn! El Soles!" From this oft-bellowed catch phrase, campfire storytellers huddled around burning trashcans have created the portmanteau "Daniel Solis."

Squint your eyes to the Oklahoma horizon at around 4:56 PM, facing the sun, and you might see his shaggy mane puffed steadfastly against the prairie winds.

"Damn! El Soles" is said to be a legacy of his ancient Incan curse. Witnessed wandering from the southern tip of South America up to the Canadian tundra, he is always described with an awkward gait, like the spirits of the dead persistently poke his heels when he takes a step. This flowery hobo verse is quite literal. For some best-forgotten reason, this drifter angered the ancient Peruvian empire from beyond the grave and is forever damned to never have a comfortable pair of shoes.

Hobos seen in the wild have been described as hanging a pair of soles from their rucksacks to keep the "Afro-Beast" at bay while they sleep.

Dr. John Wick, noted professor of Hobotics at the University of Metaphysick Studies Empirical, Umbilical and Donrickle, has theorized that the name for this mythological figure might actually be "Sole-less," as in, "he who is without soles." Or perhaps "he who is without a soul."

"But," Wick's primary academic rival, Reverend Storn A. Cook, Doctor of Hobology at the Center of the Hobonic Arts and Cafeteria, is quick to counter, "that dude's full of it."


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