Tyv Adrente - A Blood & Tears Character

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Tyv Adrente - A Blood & Tears Character

Postby Nihilistic Mind » Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:41 pm

Tyv Adrente is a character I am working on for the HotB LARP, Blood & Tears.

I am building it as a standard HotB character, but keeping in mind the fact that I will only be able to bring certain Aspects, Vassals, etc., with me at the Blood & Tears game.

Family Name: Adrente.
Public Name: Tyv.
(Short for the phrase "Tyvandal", which translates to 'Artifact of Victory'; this means his name would apply to being victorious for someone else... Tyv is a Weapon... and a tool)
Secret Name: Sajajin.
(I believe it is pronounced 'Sayajin'; it literally translates to 'Holiest Truth', but for the purpose of the game, it best translates to 'True Word of the Suaven')

Three things true:
1. He was the Yvtavia (see page 54) of a prominent noblewoman. (She was killed by Aban Steele)
2. He is a devoted follower of Falvren Dyr.
3. He is an enforcer of the Senate's Laws (Rajan).

Mother, Blooded of the Wolf. Title: Countess.
Father, Blooded of the Wolf. Title: Count.

Tyv is the 5th born (youngest alive). Four of his sisters still alive. No brothers.

Tyv is not married.

Spring ven; Age: 11 points.

Falvren Dyr, Suaven Blooded of the Wold, Rank 3.
Blessings: I am the Weapon (p.323), Tool or Weapon (p.323), Wolf Downs the Elk (p.324).

  • Rajan - Tyv has officially become one of Jonan Drax's Paladins. On his person is a tattoo of the 7th Law: The Punishment shall fit the Crime.
  • Devoted
  • Duelist

  • Roadmen, Rank 3
  • Personal Guard, Rank 3
  • Spy Network, Rank 3

Province of the Kryll:
  • Godfren's Rook (Castle, Rank 3) - Shrine to Jonan Drax.
  • Nehruun (Village, Rank 1)
  • Dande Farms (Farms, Rank 2)
  • (Forest, Rank 2)
  • (Mountain, Rank 1)
  • (Swamps, Rank 1)

Combat Maneuvers:
  • Injure, Rank 3
  • Defend, Rank 1
  • Sap


Count Aban Steele - Rank 5

Sorcery, Artifacts and other such nonsense: None!
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