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Beryll Tal

PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:32 pm
by Paint Scribe
Spring Version - Twitter Game

Baroness Beryll "Bound By Blood" Tal "The Victorious Warrior"
Blooded of the Wolf

Baroness of Vandover
Swordswoman to Calaban Ru

Father, Baron, Blooded of the Wolf - Tabrindor "Turning Tools into Weapons" Tal "The Victorious Warrior"
Mother, Blooded of the Falcon - Savien "Dusty Pathwalker" Sinjin "Forbidden Knowledge"
1st - Kimper "Shadow Watcher" Sinjin (m)
2nd - Beryll
3rd - Cay Sinjin (m) - DECEASED
4th - Saize "I know your Secrets" Tal (f)
5th - Bree "Ork Slayer" Sinjin (f)
6th - Viann "Sweet Speach" Tal (f)
Married to The Fox Lojin "Tongue like Honey" Yvarai
One child - Zizi

Strength: 3; Cunning: 2; Courage: 3; Wisdom: W; Beauty: 2; Prowess: 5

Calaban's Will
Invoke: Following Calaban's orders.
Tag: When the risk isn't working towards Calaban's will.
Compel: To do what Calaban wishes.

Death to Sorcery
Invoke: When killing someone who is practicing sorcery
Tag: When in social situations where delicacy is required.
Compel: To kill anyone caught performing sorcery

Falvren Dyr, rank 3
The Subtle Hand, The Invisible Cannot Be Touched, Sacrifice Strike

Vassals (3PB)
Staff, r1
Roadmen, r3
PG, r1
Spouse, r3

Castle, r1
Village, r1
Farms, r2
Forest, r1
Plains, r1
Mountains, r1

Van Eshu

Friend (2BP)
Calaban Ru

Three Things True
1. Is on a personal mission to remove Sorcery from Shanri - one sorcerer at a time.
2. She is responsible for the deaths of 5 ven
3. Loyal to Calaban Ru

1. Calaban looks EXACTLY like her dead brother, Cay Sinjin
2. Vandover once belonged to Cay
3. Sorcery killed Cay
4. She has a vicious temper, when provoked.
5. She has a weakness for martial flattery.
6. One of the Ven she killed was an innocent bystander.

Re: Beryll Tal

PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:14 pm
by wunderworks
I just looked back over your character, very cool.

Btw, What Four things will you be bringing to the party?

Re: Beryll Tal

PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2009 7:31 am
by Paint Scribe
Her two aspects and her prowess for certain. I'm not sure what the other one will be, yet.