Ryn Banin - A B&T Character appearing at RinCon

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Ryn Banin - A B&T Character appearing at RinCon

Postby Peregrine » Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:48 pm

This is a character idea I've been tossing around for a while now. Haven't quite wanted to introduce him to the LARP yet, as I had/have two characters already active. But, since RinCon will include a one shot B&T game, I thought I'd try him out without affecting the main part of the LARP.

Public: Ryn short for Rynsenwyn, and means "My Sword is My Answer"
Family: Banin meaning "Honor Lies Only in Victory"
Secret: Hund a word which best translates as "Domesticated" (i.e. "Dog")

Father, Blooded of the Wolf, Count
Mother, Blooded of the Fox, Countess

First and Only child

1.) I do not share the Blood of my Father.
2.) I took my Lands from an incompetent Falcon.
3.) I seduced away the daughter of an Elk Marquis.

Strength: 2
Cunning: W
Courage: 3
Beauty: 3
Wisdom: 2
Prowess: 5

“My Sword is My Answer” (Duelist)

“Skilled with any Blade” (Rake)

Falvren Dyr, Rank 3.
Blessings: The Beauty of Violence (p.322), Teeth and Claws (p.323), Your Fear is My Ally (p.324).

Wife, Rank 3, Sagay Steele
Staff, Rank 3, “servents of the Iron Keep”

Province of the Iron Isles:
    The Iron Keep (Castle, Rank 2)
    Daranse (Village, Rank 1)
    Jolan Fields (Farms, Rank 2)
    Togren's Spire (Mountain, Rank 1)
    Ithyl Lowlands (Hills, Rank 1)

Nythaldren “Red Iron Fang” (Bloodsword, Rank 5)
    Aspect: Bloodsword

As for what I plan on bringing to the party:
Ryn Banin
“My Sword is My Answer”
    Prowess (5)
    Nythaldren (Bloodsword, 5)
    Devotion to Falvren Dyr (3)
      Cunning (W)
"The Senate took my lands, my titles, my Name... They will bury this and forget me. But I will live long enough to remind them of what should not be forgotten." - Iyl, the Aged Stranger
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