Kyocera Drew - A B&T character for the Gilded Masque

"We are either tools, or weapons."

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Kyocera Drew - A B&T character for the Gilded Masque

Postby wastevens » Sat Dec 15, 2012 8:04 pm

Baron Kyocera ('I cannot be known') Drew, Blooded of the Wolf

At first glance, Baron Kyocera seems to strive to live up to the sterotypes of the Blooded of the Wolf. He served as his father's Swordsman and fights more with speed and rage than grace. He is quick to demand satisfaction from Insults with duals, is a bit of a braggart and bullies those Ven whom seem least able to defend themselves. He dresses in Red, and bears a long gold sash- proudly declaring his nobility, his rage, and his tendency towards Revenge all at once. He bears a sorcerous blade, stained black from those who have been repaid for insults.

This is not the whole of the truth, of course- as befits the Drew's words, 'Knowledge is my weapon'. In addition to having been his father's Swordsman, he was his mother's Spymaster, befriending the guards and captains of their enemies, moving quickly and quietly to seize every Advantage he could for his family. Little escapes his Cunning eyes and ears.

Of his family. little and less is spoken; his older brother now wears the black, after having served as a General to their uncle. His sister studies with the q'val of Drax, looking to join the ranks of the rajan, the holy warriors, in shame. How much of his anger over insults to them is honest, and how much is calculated, is yet an open question.

Prowess: 4
Cunning: 4
Beauty: 3
Strength: 2
Wisdom: 2
Courage: W


I: When wielding knowledge as a weapon
T: When offered new knowledge
C: When offered new knowledge

I: When using a sword
T: A weakness in my style (in this case, vs overwhelming force)
C: I cannot decline a dual

Talteen Steele: 3

Personal Guard r2
Spy Network r3 (raised from r2 -> r3 via bonus points)
Roadmen r1


Artifact 3 (Wicked, Terror, Swift) - The Blackest Blade (via bonus points)

Province: The Mirror Hills

The Mirror Hills are a Province of contrasts. Like a sword and the reflection of the sword, it is divided through the center by a long river, the Silver, along which trade flows in and out. On the east side of the Silver are the more settled parts of the land; the farms and village and castle. There gather the peasants, and rules Baron Kyocera, the shadow of his castle covering the village and farms each morning. The west side is a darker place; forests of silver pine, white shale hills and jagged peaks of stone and iron, ripping at the sky.

R1: Village r1 (H1: Castle)
R2: Farm r1
R3: Farm r1
R4: Forest r1
R5: Hills r1
R6: Shore r1
R7: Mountain r1 (via bonus points)
R8: ???
R9: ???
R10: ???

Bonus Points

Artifact 3 (Wicked, Terror, Swift) - The Blackest Blade
Spy Network r2 > r3
Region 7: Mountain r1
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