Abele Adrente

"We are either tools, or weapons."

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Abele Adrente

Postby spiderjerusalem187 » Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:42 pm

Public Name: Abele (I do not forget) House: Wolf
Family Name: Adrente (My weapon is myself)
Secret Name: ?
Titles: Baron


Strength: 2 Cunning: 3
Courage: 4 Beauty: Weakness
Wisdom: 2 Prowess: 4 (3+1)


Spring Aspect: Dreams of blood
Invoke: When plotting or carrying out plans to harm another Ven
Tag: When trying to solve problems through non violent ways
Compel: To commit acts of violence against those he thinks have wronged him

Spring Aspect: In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king
Invoke: To bend others to his will and force them to agree with his plans
Tag: To not see something, metaphorically or physically
Compel: To act in an imperious, arrogant and tyrannical manner

Style Points: 3

Item (Banked / Max): Artifact Sword, ‘Vrente’wyrnn’ (Sword with the Leech and Seductive values) (0/1)

Suaven / Rank (Devotions): Falvren Dyr / 3 (The invisible cannot be touched, Teeth and claws, Tool or weapon)

Phase: Spring
Age Points: 0
Contacts, Friends & Family
Spouse – Halia Thorne (Falcon)
Contact – Jana Banin (Wolf)

Character Background
Starting Age: 19

Father (Rank / Name / House / Dominance)
Count Dagul Adrente (Father of many), Wolf, Dominant
Mother (Rank / Name / House / Dominance)
Countess Sajaya Uval (Adviser to power), Elk, Submissive

Your birth order: 6
Number of surviving siblings (Male / Female): 0

Spouse & Children
Spouse (Rank / Name / House / Dominance)
Baroness Halia Thorne (The hawk’s white wing), Falcon, Submissive
Children (Name / Age / Gender)
Tyro, 1, Male


Region: The Manor (Castle, Urban)
Rank: 1

Region: Knifeshard Hamlet (Village, Urban)
Rank: 1

Region: The Tightvines (Forest, Rural)
Rank: 2

Region: The Barrens (Hills, Rural)
Rank: 1

Region: Knifeshard Beach (Shoreline, Rural)
Rank: 1

Region: Tightvine Mountain (Mountain, Rural)
Rank: 1

Region: The Sugar House (Farm, Rural)
Rank: 2

Type: Court Scholar
Name: Godfren Adrente (Devoted guardian)
Rank: 1
Costs: 1 Food
Location: The Manor

Type: Personal Guard
Name: The Toecutters
Rank: 2
Costs: 1 Food
Location: The Manor

Type: Roadmen
Name: The Watch
Rank: 1
Costs: 1 Food
Location: The Sugar House

Type: Spy Network
Name: The Crew
Rank: 1
Costs: 1 Food
Location: Knifeshard Hamlet

This is the character I'm going to be playing in a PbP game over at rpg.net, any comments are welcome :-)
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