Baron Fau Adrente, Lord Slothe

"We are either tools, or weapons."

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Baron Fau Adrente, Lord Slothe

Postby Keith Fyans » Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:15 pm

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His three truths were defined by Artyom (Azazel), and he is going to play a predominant part in my Living Shanri game this Friday. He is in his Autumn, and I still have his loyalty of land/vassals, to work on. Any thoughts so far before he hits play?

My thinking so far is that he would be played by Ian McNiece, and he is a deadly weapon, a honney trap. He travels upon a planquin surrounded by hangers on, and his Puzzle House also travels his Provence, pulled by slaves. He alows his wife alot of reign over the city.

Insparational art:

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