Lorr Silja

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Lorr Silja

Postby Nihilistic Mind » Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:55 am

Previously known as Young (unblooded) Ashveil.

Once Blooded, he will be known as Lorr Silja.

Public Name - Lorr, "I Confront the Blood"
Secret Name - Lovair, "Beautiful Protector"
Family Name - Silja,
Blooded of the Fox

Virtues -
Strength - Weakness
Cunning - 3
Courage - 2
Beauty - 5 (4+1)
Wisdom - 3
Prowess - 2

Aspects -
Philosopher (Learned Spring of Year 3)

Vassals -
Valet, Zsanosz (As of Summer of Year 3)

Titles -
Artisan (Vassal of Messol Burghe, as of Autumn of Year 3)

Rituals learned -
XXX - (Summer of Year 3)
XXX - (Autumn of Year 3)
XXX - (Winter of Year 3)
Eternal Youth - (Summer Althua of Year 4)
This is a dangerous bit of sorcery for the Artist, and thus most Artists claim to not know it. The Victim needs only provide a few hairs and the painting will give them the appearance of a Spring Ven until sunrise. It hides any solace aspects from sight, and their solace compels can be resisted without cost of style. However, this spell can be broken merely by having the Victim’s solace aspect tagged. Which means if the Victim is recognized and tagged, the Artist will bear a Scar (see page 202). This painting is effective until sunrise.

Combat Maneuvers -
Injure 3
Defend 1

Devotion -
Ikhalu, Rank 2
Yaseri Mwrr, Rank 1
Dyaless Silja, Rank 2
"Sparrow, I'll call you back. I've just gutted a man with a shard of wood and I need to make sure he's dead... I think you're right, Sparrow. I am a bad, bad man..."
~~Dr. Xander Crowe, WORMWOOD.
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