Narcis Yvarai, House Fox

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Narcis Yvarai, House Fox

Postby Narcis » Fri Oct 17, 2008 1:48 pm

My first (and so far only) HoB character. Designed to be the sterotypical fox. These are his stats at the end of our second session (actual play here).

Narcis “Dances with the Dawn” Yvarai, House Fox
Secret Name ?

Father Serpent, Mother Fox
Siblings, yes (including Gryndil of House Serpent, older brother)

Strength Weakness
Cunning 3
Courage 2
Beauty 5 (including House bonus)
Wisdom 2
Prowess 3

“I can resist anything . . . except temptation”
I. To turn an offered temptation to my advantage.
T. Figure our what sort of bender I am on and you can turn it against me (“Flying monkeys!”)
C. To succumb to any seduction attempt, offer of pharmacopeia, and so on

Sardonic Wit
I. To best you in a duel of wits and words.
T. Cannot resist being witty even when being direct would be better, “takes me three paragraphs to introduce myself”.
C. To insult some one I should not, to be bitter when uncalled for, and so on

Gonzo Alchemist
I. That can be made into an intoxicant, let me show you.
T. I have tried something before it was ready (“When did you grow that second head, madam?”)
C. To create and try a new drug on the fly, to acquire a new ingredient or recipe, and so on.

Mylannius, House Serpent, uncle and official poet of the Senate (friend)
Bajinoth of House Falcon, wife and dominant partner
Gryndil of House Serpent, older brother and scholar

Erthas Vost, the black flower, the unspoken promise, patron of betrayal, illicit love and poetry. 3
Invisible Tongue (320), Passion is Tamed with a Kiss (321)

“Twilight’s End”
Castle “Twilight’s End”
Village, “Crossroads”
Farm (2), “Limnal Farm”
Plains (2), “Twilight Vineyard”
Swamp, “Gloom Marsh”

Twilight’s End Staff (Staff 2)
Lilly (Maid 1)
Mad Doctor Mahn (Apothecary 1)
Grey Men (Spy Network 1)

Extra aspect
Make Mylannius a friend
Extra contacts x2

Style 5 + 1 with Lilly

These True Things
-Always has a drink or drugs to hand
-Charming, haunted smile
-Poet, wit, rake
-Married to Bajinoth of the Falcon
-Younger Brother of Gryndil of the Serpent
To dream of glory, to reveal in love, to die beautifully!
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