Vessen Q’n - Earl of the Fox

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Vessen Q’n - Earl of the Fox

Postby Bards-Tale » Thu Jan 17, 2013 10:35 pm

This is for the New Earl Of The Fox for the Phoenix LARP. Parts will be left blank and will be filled in as Rumors/Truths are made.

Public Name - Vessen
Secret Name -
Family Name -Q’n

Truths -
1) There are so many rumors circling the Earl of the Fox, it is difficult to say what is real and what is fiction and perhaps that is the way the Earl of the Fox wants it. He is more than just a man he is a living story; only 1 in every 3 rumors is true:

It is rumored that his mother is a powerful sorceress Serpent who taught her child well.

It is rumored that he is a direct descendant of Suaven of Whispers through his father.

It is rumored that he is an early summer Ven

It is rumored the gender of the Earl of the Fox is unknown, some say it is a woman dress as a man, some say it is a man dressed as a woman

It is rumored he wants to learn demonology and is trying to convince his current lover to teach him.

It is rumored that he has multiple lovers while being married

It is rumored he rewards Ven who are fashionable at the Althuas he throws

It is rumored he has the most beautiful lands in all of Shanri, Ven come from all over to see his marble bath houses, his ballroom made entirely from lavender crystal and his garden of statues of solaced Ven.

It is rumored that his garden may actually be an ossuary.

It is rumored that he teaches the craftsman arts at the Academie Delto both for the prestige and the ability to always have a new young lover on his arm.

It is rumored that his speciality is woven arts made from special silk that his student claim comes from a fashuva he secretly keeps.

It is rumored that he is dead, killed by a spike driven through his head by a veth of all things, the corpse left en flagrante delectae amongst a tangle of other veth. To save face and cover up this particular situation, the "Earl of the Fox" you see before you is simply a house-sanctioned tulpa.

Virtues -
Strength -
Cunning -
Courage -
Beauty -
Wisdom -
Prowess -

Aspects -

Devotions -

Family -

Titles -
Earl of the Fox

Castle and Lands -

Vassals -
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