Seraphine Yvarai

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Seraphine Yvarai

Postby Nihilistic Mind » Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:40 pm

Seraphine Yvarai is my wife's character. She didn't want to play a full-fledged ven noble and wanted to see what life was like as a young ven.

She started with no vassals, provinces or devotions. She's a child after all, fifteen, careless and a coveted bride-to-be among her father's allies. She rolled for her parents standing and determined Seraphine's father is a Marquis.

Her father, Godfren Yvarai, is Blooded of the Fox, and the Yvestra. Her mother, Olivama, Blooded of the Wolf, and the Ytola.

Seraphine is her parents' sixth child. She has only one surviving brother, who is older and was out running his own domain by the time she was born.

We determined that her father is a senator and has the 'negotiator' aspect. Her brother is married, has no children, and is a Baron.

Seraphine's Virtues:

Strength 2
Cunning 3
Courage 2
Beauty 5
Serpent 3
Prowess W

Seraphine's Spring Aspects:

I pull the strings.

"Love the shoes."

I will link to the AP once I start that thread, but she already has a bit of a storyline in mind for Seraphine Yvarai: her father has chosen a suitor whose son is a love interest of hers. She escapes the lands of her father in the hopes her brother can offer her a new life. There are more juicy bits in there which I will save for the Actual Play report.
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