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Black Adaar

PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:18 pm
by Khuxan
The only thing I haven't done yet is buy blessings. Any suggestions?

A knight of no small renown, destined to one day lead the Duchy, shamed over a woman and forced to become a q’val, a man of the cloth.

After his embarrassment the Senate ruled his wife became the dominant spouse. This he fiercely resents. He cannot stop acting like a dominant spouse and like a nobleman instead of a priest. He does not want to become weak and ineffective like his Father, whom he trusts and depends upon but does not respect.

Stoop the Poisoner is the only vassal that serves Black Adaar directly. The Hawks are promising young sons of Falcon nobles, many of whom vie for Gwynneth’s affections in plain sight of her husband who – after all – is sworn to chastity. The Antipontifex of Talten Steele is a heretic high priest of the suaven patron of both Gwynneth and Adaar, but Adaar’s loyalty is shifting to Tyane Bran who, like Adaar himself, acts subtly rather than overtly. Dulcimer is a sweet but unintelligent maid Adaar took in as one of his few acts of charity.

Baron Adaar ('The brooding') Avaride (‘I have fallen and will rise’) Yvarai.

Mother: Serpent (Baroness, dominant); Father: Fox.
Third child of four (brother, brother, sister).
Under the Shadow of the Fox.
Spring. Married (Falcon), no children.

Strength: 0
Cunning: 4
Courage: 2
Beauty: 4
Wisdom: 3
Prowess: 2

Aspects: I Will Not Stay Veiled, Awkward Presence, I Will Not Become My Father.
Contacts: My Father, Baron Shivan Yvarai. (friend)
Devotions: Talten Steele 3; Tyane Bran 2.

Style: 5.

Castle Relentless (castle 1),
The Barrows (village 1; the veth have settled amongst the pagan tombs of their ancestors.),
Gloomfens (swamp 1),
South Aldheart (forest 1),
East Aldheart (forest 1),
Stoneswathe (shoreline 1),
Old Shalith’s Farm (farms 1).

Gwynneth Thorne (spouse 1),
Stoop the Poisoner (apothecary 1),
The Hawks (roadmen 1),
Antipontifex of Talten Steele (court scholar 3),
Dulcimer (maid 1).

Re: Black Adaar

PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:16 pm
by wunderworks
Nice, are you going to make the other members of his Cabal? ^_^

Re: Black Adaar

PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 2:50 am
by Khuxan
wunderworks wrote:Nice, are you going to make the other members of his Cabal? ^_^

I haven't made a Cabal for him, but I have uploaded another ven I made: Alix the Antipodean, Blooded of the Fox