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Postby wunderworks » Tue Jan 13, 2009 11:35 am

LiquidWeird wrote:
wunderworks wrote:
LiquidWeird wrote:I'm introducing people used to traditional games, and the PvP of theatrical LARP at that, to this game. Many of my concerns and questions I bring here are in response to things I know my players will question if not outright object to. They don't buy the 'no war' thing, and aren't interested in re-creating a tragic tale from a pillowbook. They want a Jordanesque Game of Houses, or Martinesque Game of Thrones style game.

It is illegal for ven to use blood magic, or have standing armies. Just as it was illegal for Daimyo to have standing armies during certain eras of Japanese history. Do you think that they followed those rules as closely as the ven?

If you want some thought on warfare go check out my latest post in the Research Institute.

The Emperor is the one who forbade it, right? That's basically what I'm going for to explain the 'no armies' thing.

and where is the link to the institute? I've been looking, haven't found it yet. (probably somewhere really obvious)

viewtopic.php?f=3&t=338 Is here. The basic stuff is in the Research and Findings forum.

I've been in a kind of HotBlooded desert recently, but when I play/run next I'm going to go for the big secret armies game. ^_^
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