A Letter from a Father to his Daughter

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A Letter from a Father to his Daughter

Postby CodexofRome » Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:58 am

Note: This letter was found by an explorer in a cave in the Andes. He claimed he found the letter in a man-made chamber that had an ancient marble floor. The explorer refused to name the location and died shortly after he sold the letter to a collector. The collector had the letter tested for age, but the frustrated technicians said it had been too heavily contaminated by its environment to get a meaningful date, something more realistic than the 15,000 year oid result they had calculated.

I am Ven, Blooded of the House of the Bear. My name is Elkhoa, which means Strength of the Oak. I am your father, Mariyel. You are Ven. And one day you will be Blooded as well. If you live that long. There are many things you must know if you are to survive this world.

First and most important. You are Ven. Noble blood rushes through your arteries, giving your strength and wisdom, gifts of your mother and I. Many things are expected of you. When you come of age, you will undergo the ritual and become Blooded. I will grant you lands and you will become a Baroness. Everything that you can take and keep will be yours. But you must be cunning, as well as wise and strong.

Be wary of the treachery of those you trust.

Love is a dangerous game. Play the game with passion, but play it at your own risk. Love will consume you. Love will destroy you. Oh! To be destroyed! To know both Joy and Despair.

Do not marry for love. Marry for political gain. A spouse can be your strength or a knife in your back. Children can be your strength or a knife in your back.

Friends today may some day be your enemies: Learn as much as you can about them now so you can defeat them later.

Do everything with style. Make a statement with every step you take, duel you fight, love you romance, and revenge you take.

Blooded Ven are people. All else is property. And your property is only yours if you can keep it. Do not stand by if someone takes, damages, or destroys your property, or you will be known as weak.

As a noble, you are exempt from taxes. You have the right to bear a sword and have a coat of arms. You have the right to own land and hunt on it. You have the Right of Revenge.

Your Sword and your Horse should be your greatest possessions.

When you are seen, you must be fashionable. Your person must speak to your nobility. Wide-brimmed hats. Corsets and dresses. Gowns. Gloves. Boots. Red is the color of passion, of Romance, and of Revenge. Blue is the color of wisdom, as grey is the color of mourning. Green is the color of youth. Lavender is for parties, enjoyment, fun. Wear purple if you indulge in idle fun. Brown is worn to signify honest work, and by the unblooded: An odd choice for us. White is the color of age and the coming of Solace. Gold, the noble color of reason. Silver, the noble color of emotion. Yellow is the color of illness and madness. And only criminals wear black, the color of shame.

Remember, that giving or wearing a Rose sends a signal, which depends on the color of the bloom. Red speaks of Love. Crimson of Revenge. White is secrecy or silence.

Art is as important as the air we breathe. Opera, theater, poetry. Music. Painting. Architecture and Gardens. Ven should always pursue the creation of Beauty.

Know the Seven Laws: The Law Binds All. No Ven May Commit Murder. What You Own is Yours. You Own Your Promises. No Ven Will Practice Sorcery. No Ven Will Make War.
Let the Punishment Fit the Crime.

Respect the tradition of Hospitality: Your host wil do you no harm, and you in return will do her no harm. You should have as much fun as you can at a party or event at another’s house, but you should do no damage to the dwelling itself.

Never make a promise or take a Blood Oath you will not keep.

At the risk of insult, never say no. Say, not now or perhaps later.

Suffer no insult or slight. Any sign of weakness will bring even more trouble. Bring your grievances before the Senate, but don’t hesitate to seek your own justice should it be necessary.

The Art of the Insult is a great game. Learn to play it well, or suffer the humiliations of it.

The Art of the Duel is a bloody game. Learn to play it well, or suffer the pain of it.

The Art of Revenge is deadly game. Learn to play it well, or die.

Defend what is yours, what you want, with ferocity: If you cannot keep it, it should not have been yours. This includes your life.

Sorcery is illegal. Sorcery is dangerous. Make sure you know as much about Sorcery as you can, but don’t be caught using Sorcery.

Standing Armies are illegal. And far too expensive to maintain. Personal Guards, however, are not an army. And you keep the number of personal guards necessary to protect all of your property.

Know your history: We were once the slaves of the Sorcerer Kings, the aelva danna. Servants to gods of terrible sorceries, who fought amongst themselves until thy destroyed themselves and much of the world. Those of us who survived have struggled for hundreds of years now to create civilization from the wilderness. There are others in the world that are not Ven. These are Orks, monsters. Some may look like us, like the barbarian humans. But we are Ven; they are not.

As Ven, we will suffer no one to be King over us. Any that try for too much power will be destroyed.

Should you survive long enough, you will grow old and fade into Solace. Not death, but the Great Sleep. None alive now know what lies beyond the Great Sleep.

Protect the Suaven, those who’ve entered Solace. There are Suaven who can guide and aid you from their sleep. Seek them out in Temples and shrines, or your own family’s crypts. But be wary of the fashuva, the fell ones.
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