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Blood runs Hot

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:48 pm
by Baron Sendar
Year 2, Spring

It has only been three months, but already most of those around me have forgotten the events that transpired. The events that led to the loss of, in one night, three of the people I hold near and dear. My father, my beloved wife, and our daughter, all gone in one fell swoop. My father, slain in a duel by a poisoned blade. My wife, her throat slashed as she tried in vain to protect our daughter. And Alicia, missing, with no way of knowing if she is dead or alive. My mother has not left her chambers in these three months, while I have spent them searching, hungering for blood. For Revenge. I must have Revenge, a blood price paid for the lives of my loved ones.

I view it as my personal shame that I was not able to protect them. My guards tell me that it was not my fault, that the dagger buried in my back would have laid low most any Ven, even without the poison. They say that I wasn't is a testament to the skill of my Apothecary, long may she live and protect the lives of my family. What is left of it, anyway.

I know not who perpetrated this Crime against the House of the Wolf, but I swear this, on my own blood. They will see my face again one day, and know that Doom has come for them. I swear this, on my family name of Anarathi, and on the name of my sa-Suaven, Falvren Dyr.

Re: Blood runs Hot

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:28 pm
by Baron Sendar
Year 3, Winter

CURSES! All my searching has brought me nothing but fruitless frustration and agony. Even now, my older brother urges me to move on, to leave my family as a memory and remarry. He is now the head of the family where our father once ran things, but I dare not listen to him. If I do, the wailing of my heart will drive me mad. I cannot rest until I find the one that has done this, and quench my blade in his blood.

I fear that my skill with the crafting of weapons has dulled, however, these past months. Long has it been since I stood at the forge, much to the terror of my Veth, and hammered a piece of steel down into a blade or a spearhead. Too long, in fact. But I must not stop. I'm right on his heels, I just know it. Sooner or later, he will slip up, and I will find him, and then....

*scribbles follow, all but illegible from water damage and various blood stains*