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A Letter to Lorr Silja

PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:30 am
by Baron Sendar
The letter itself is sealed, a wax seal with the insignia of the Anarathi family, a wolf rampant below a lightly clouded full moon pressing the letter closed. It is addressed SPECIFICALLY to Duke Lorr Silja of the Fox.

To the Esteemed Lorr Silja, Duke of the Fox:

I will understand if you refuse what I am about to say. After all, the only reason I sided with the former Earl of the Fox - May his name be forgotten for all time - was to get close enough to stick a blade in his back. Yes, I myself have heard the rumors, and confirm them.

However, I know enough to recognize a tyrant when I see one, as well as know when someone is fit for a position. While my lady, the Earl of the Wolf, has... seen fit to not partake in the events of this day, it is up to those of us who bear the Blood of the Wolf to decide where we stand, whether on one side or the other, or apart from it all. I know I said when the Earl was put down that you had my support if you wished to petition for his position, but allow me to offer it more formally.

If you will be attending the next Althua, I would like to speak with you more in depth about this, and share with you what I and my province have to offer to your cause, as well as pledge my support to you. A Contract, if you will.

As I said, I will understand completely if, out of distrust or worse, you dismiss me out of hand, but I beg your indulgence and time.

Sendar Anarathi, Baron of Getly, Blooded of the Wolf

Re: A Letter to Lorr Silja

PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:28 pm
by Nihilistic Mind
*The letter is sealed in bright red wax. The seal depicts the tail and head of a wild, playful q'al (fox). Below the fox, a simple symbol of a scroll is found. The words "Q'al Dearg" are written on the symbolic scroll.*

Dear Sendar Anarathi,

Thank you for your letter and your honesty in this matter. You may be surprised to learn that I value the House of the Wolf more than many expect. My father himself was blooded of the Wolf and while I disagreed with some of his accomplishments, I do pride myself in being his son. My uncle and most of my family on his side are also Blooded of the Wolf and I value working with them closely. I certainly look forward to working with a member of the esteemed family of Anarathi.

I am glad you spoke out against Tyranny just then. That is something that simply cannot stand in a society of reasonable ven.

I will be happy to discuss a contract with you at the next Althua. I will need your support and take as much as you are willing to give, especially after the Senate's Armies were depleted, but the rewards will be equally great.

Lorr Silja, Duke Dearg, Blooded of the Fox