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An oath of fealty

PostPosted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 6:53 am
by Loki
The spring was bad, summer was dreadful, and I feared for the horrors that await me in Winter. I knew my vassals would starve or leave me, my crops would die and my neighbours would take in one season what I built to create over my lifetime.

But it seems the Suaven favour me, for just this morning a Seneschal from an unnamed lord or lady arrived. He told me his liege would tend to my problems and allow me to keep my lands, but only if I did so in his name, and if I signed the following blood oath. It read:

"By this oath of fealty, the vassal swears to the following duty:

To value the well being of the domain and its living sacred
embodiments, our liege and family, above all other realms of Shanri,
and show this value with actions; to do nothing that would harm the
domain and to do all that is in one's power to aid it.

To trust in the judgment of our liege; to show this trust by
performing those duties that our liege commands in order to further
the goals of the realm with alacrity and obedience, be they in the
nature of defense, peacemaking, service to the needy, the delivery of
messages, personal service to our liege, or any other thing, providing
only that these commands are lawful under the code of the Realm and do
not conflict with the edicts of the senate.

To place the life of one's body, mind and heart at the defense of the
Realm in times of war and ill fortune, with courage and prowess.

To be virtuous and loyal to our liege and value the brotherhood of our
fellow vassals, despite different appetites, to never betray one
another unless it benefits our liege, and to seek out the council and
approval of our liege in all things pertinent and important to our
liege's interests including matters regarding our interests and

We recognize that our liege cannot monitor all our actions, and thus
swear to always show forethought, discretion and virtue in the actions
our liege cannot and will not know of.

If we break this oath, may we be branded as traitors for a year and a
day and forced to live under the veil of the shamed.

May this oath be so sworn until our liege releases us, or death takes
you, or Shanri ends all civlization."

The Seneschal demanded I sign with all three names; Public, Family and Secret.

What choice did I have...