Tavalana - Spring AR 211 (First Story)

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Tavalana - Spring AR 211 (First Story)

Postby wastevens » Thu Jun 17, 2010 7:20 am

The Count and Countess Krev, as well as Count Illudyll’s uncle, Fenir Krev, Q’val of the Begger Brigand. Accompanying them were Baron Alyn Mwrr (Countess Cavala Master Emissary), Baroness Rhianwyn Thorne (Count Illudyll’s Mistress of the Road), and Baron Aban Burghe, Count Illudyll’s Swordsman. The Count and Countess representing, of course, their county of the Icewind Isles.

Also in attendance were Vangalio Mwrr, Baron of the Realm of Ash; his sister, Lura Mwrr, Baroness of the Seven Walled City; the Alchemist, Alvera Mwrr, Baroness of the Isle of Cherno; Sorio Thayl, Baron of the Grinning Hills and the Sharpest River; Alyn’s brother, Moryandal Tammel, Baron of the White Rose Forest; Lord Drial Thayl, Alvera’s stepson by her deceased husband. And, of course, the Tal’s, Gwanal, Rajh and their eldest daughter Vistalia.

Baron Alyn sought out a particular servant, who was meant to be wearing a red sash- one of Cavala’s secret emissaries. He found the man dead, with a bright red slash across his chest. Thinking quickly, he used the blood from the corpse to invoke the Mask of Shadows (via Mimic Artifact). Matters took their own course thereafter, with other servants finding the body and raising a ruckus.

Rafe and his seneschal Godfren soon arrived, as well as several other guests, drawn to the commotion. Godfren recommended Rafe empty the wine set aside for the party; after all, there was now a killer (of veth, at least) at large, and there was no point in taking chances that the wine might have been tampered with. Rafe relucently agreed, ordering Godfren to see to it.

About this time, three more guests arrived, Isla Tshanja and the twins Lord Kostas and Lady Melota Valar. Isla, of course, being an unBlooded Merchant Baron, recently granted a Barony despite her… status… by Rafe’s own father, Marquis of the Sunset Marches- she had not been given an invitation, but arrived with a several tuns of excellent wine, enough for Rafe to keep the party going in proper style.

Rhianwyn and Rafe agree to partake in a duel to the touch, as a diversion for the crowd. Isla almost immediately bets a bottle of her vineyard’s finest brandy on Rhianwyn. The Count and Countess Krev speak with Rhianwyn for a moment, and then accept the wager, putting forward three bottles of their famous icewine. The duel is suprisingly inconclusive (Rafe losing his hat and nearly his pants) before Rhianwyn stumbled and Rafe managed to score a brief touch, winning the contest. Some claim that Rhianwyn lost intentionally- out of friendship to Rafe or on orders from her master -but she would not admit this, of course. Isla, ruefully, paid her promised bottle of brandy to Count Krev, who accepted it jovially.

The Twins took Vanaglio aside, showing him a strange candlestick holder in the shape of a winged dragon- it appeared to be made of some strange, black stone they could not recognize. Vanaglio recognized it as a powerful Relic to an unknown Suaven; the Twins claimed to have found it just outside an overgrown temple in the wilderness near Rafe’s province, and thanked Vanaglio for his insight.

Alvera was called to the gardens, where the Twins and Moryandal held an impromptu Alchemist’s convention. Moryandal noticed the Shadow-veiled Alyn lurking, but did not recognize him through the Sorcerous veil, and took him for a drunken guest, escorting him away as he overheard the twins offering to trade their Reflic for the formula to Tzul, with Alvera declining. In unison, the Twins bowed and took their leave. Moryandal escorted Alvera back to the party, and she commented on the lovely color of his half-cloak- an almost copper-brown that quite nicely hid the scarlet threads woven in it. He smiled and thanked her for her keen eye.

Meanwhile, Rafe, recovering from the duel, stumbled litterally into Ursula’s arms. The two matched eyes, and Talia Yvarai herself lay a blessing upon them; they were soon ensconced in a Romance that has the potential to shake all of Shanri.

Lura arrived, in an over-grand fashion, dressed in cloth of gold and silver. She brought a letter to Vangalio from Mother, keeping him informed of this and that- why hasn’t he gotten married (You know Lura’s married and already has given us a grandchild), how’s he doing upkeeping the Ash Plains, let me tell you about this veth who tried to steal some of my good silver- your father had the poor bastard thrown into an ork infested dungeon.

Ursula was soon the Prey in the budding Romance, and requested the finest wine of Rafe’s. Of course, he could not serve Isla’s wine- but his own had been poured out. The Twins soon appeared, offering him a solution- they exchanged their Relic to the Countess Cavala for a bottle of their Icewine, and traded that bottle to Rafe, in exchange for a promised favor at some point in the future. Rafe thus won a kiss to Ursula’s fingertips, delivered as she took the bottle of icewine.

Gwanal Tal, a Heartbroken former lover of Rafe, watched this with jealous and disbelieving eyes. She found the two new romantics in a private hall and hurled insults at the both of them. The two retorted, Urusula naming her… well, I’m too polite to repeat, but they implicated that her promiscuity was tied to financial distress. And worse, Rafe claimed that she was Irrelevant to him- and to everyone else now.

Rhianwyn, distressed at the lack of attention paid to the dead servant or the loose assassin, met with Rafe’s seneschal, Godfren, to ask him how the investigation went. He found Godfren checking Isla’s gifted wine; Godfren was of the opinion that the course of events was entirely too convient to be chance. The dead servant leading to the wine being poured out, just in time for Isla to show up with a gift of replacement wine to let the party continue- and secure her an in, when otherwise she’d have been turned away like the blind beggar he’d ushered out before the party started. However, he could find nothing wrong with any of the gifted wine.

Rafe, Compelled by his wandering heart and apparently so drunk on love he could not restrain himself, engaged Vanagelio’s sister, Lura, in a flirtation, which she repicrocated – the two forming a Romance that would normally have been a thing for poets and dreamers, and made only more tragic by Ursula coming up just in time to mis-interpret (or, more accurately, correctly interpret) what was going on. Lura, who was the Predator to Rafe, suggested that he ask her to escort Ursula out stargazing; Rafe agreed before Ursula could strangle him, and allowed Lura to lead her away.

People mingled for a time, until Godfren sought out Alvera, informing her that her stepson had been found with a vial of arsenic. He claimed to have no memory of how he got it. Godfren then went to inform Rafe, who ordered his Guard to escort the young lord out. Sorio objected, taking it as an Insult that Rafe would punish his friend over such an obvious set-up from his monsterous step-mother; Alvera was on hand, and merely smirked and claimed to be above the insults of such a little man. Humiliated, Sorio stalked out as well, finding Drial later.

The remainder of the party continued over a few days, without notable incident- only during the departure did things startle again. A black clad assassin leapt from the shadows, striking at Fenir Krev, Count Krev’s uncle. Rhianwyn soon had the assassin run down; she claimed that murdering one of the Blooded was to be her iniation into some manner of secret veth society that she called the Furrios (‘Those Who Stand United’). Refusing to recant and unable to name any names, Count Illudyll ordered the assassin executed, and Rhianwyn opened her throat.
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