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One off

Postby dogmirian » Tue Aug 10, 2010 5:42 pm

i am planning on running a one off for six people at my gaming club here are the six characters i have made and tell me what you think. its a bit long but i hope it's not to long.
Concept: Erim agent and Elis’s handler
Public Name: Tzao – born of fire
Secret Name: jerin – for the family
Family Name: Boron – Shanria’s enemy
House: Bear
Father: Bear Count
Mother: Fox Countess
Age: Spring
Titles: Spy Master, Knight
Bears Strength: 4
Falcons Courage: weakness
Elks Cunning: 4
Foxes Beauty: 2
Serpents Wisdom: 3
Wolfs Prowess: 2
I am the shadow
Invoke- you are rarely seen if you don’t want to be
Tag- you have no real sway in any court
Compel- you prefer the shadows
Extension of my hand
Invoke- your dagger is like an extension of your arm
Tag- when using a heavy sword
Compel- you rarely want to confront some one when a knife will do it
Spy network/3
Silent rose ritual/each person gives a 1 rank injury to bleed on a rose so that no one can hear your conversation till someone leaves the table
History: you have been sent by the Erim family to try and convince their daughter to take the throne from Grangis and keep it in the family but after finding out how much territory was up to gain you have been trying to push your agent Elis to prepare the throne for yourself.
Concept: the queen’s confidant and secret brother
Public Name: Elis – always truthful
Secret Name: Shal – the shadows hold me
Family Name: Erim – I am Forever
House: Falcon
Father: Falcon Baron
Mother: Fox Duchess
Age: Spring
Titles: Herald, Knight
Bears Strength: 3
Falcons Courage: 4
Elks Cunning: 2
Foxes Beauty: Weakness
Serpents Wisdom: 2
Wolfs Prowess: 4
Invoke- when trying to be directly help someone
Tag- when trying to directly harm someone
Compel- knows nothing about politics
Erims Shadow
Invoke- when doing business for the Erim Family
Tag- when fighting against Erim family business
Compel- tries to deal with things in the shadows
Road wardens/3
Family signet ring/artefact/when wearing this ring people forget your face
History: you were born from a poor household but you were picked up by the erim house and told later that you were a lost sibling of the wife of grangis, and that you should try to make contact so that you can later claim your throne at her side. So far she was confided in you with her secrets and soon you will be ready to tell her your secret. Your contact from the Erim house and the one who found you is Tzao and he has been like a brother for you in these hard times.
Concept: the blind king
Public Name: Grangis – final ruler
Secret Name: fatur – the bringer of fate
Family Name: Graduer – golden ven
House: Elk
Father: Wolf Count
Mother: Falcon Countess
Age: Autumn
Titles: Marquis, Blade master
Bears Strength: weakness
Falcons Courage: 3
Elks Cunning: 3
Foxes Beauty: 2
Serpents Wisdom: 3
Wolfs Prowess: 4
Want for Peace
Tag- when trying to learn what’s happening
Compel- takes things at face value
Old Sword
Invoke- he is a master of the sword
Tag- he has seen to much death and pain
Compel- prefers to solve problems without conflict
An Ire more fierce then Fire
Invoke- when angered he is unstoppable
Tag- he knows no sense when he is angered
Compel- he is very single minded when angered
Fervent follower
Invoke- a bonus when remembering things about the Suaven
Tag- when defiling any Suaven
Compel- never wishes to upset any Suaven
His father’s sword
Invoke- a great sword that has served you well
Tag- it reminds you of the great power that your father once had
Compel- you can never throw away your last connection to your past
Bodyguard level3
Secret army level 3
Archanium sword (Father sword)
History: you have fought long and hard to secure your title of marquis and now after the long hardships of this you are now trying to settle down against the powerful currents of intrigue that you know conspire against you and your family. Your trusted brother has never left your side and will be a great help against those that will try to destroy you. Your faithful wife has been with you since you were but a knight and has shown her loyalty to you time and time again and no matter how many people speak poisonous lies about her you will never listen to them.
Concept: mad queen
Public Name: Tulin - my love knows no bounds
Secret Name: Elbith - Forsaken lover
Family Name: Erim – I am Forever
House: Fox
Father: falcon baron
Mother: fox duchess
Age: Summer
Titles: baroness, wife, spymaster
Bears Strength: 2
Falcons Courage: Weakness
Elks Cunning: 3
Foxes Beauty: 4
Serpents Wisdom: 4
Wolfs Prowess: 2
Song of madness madly cries to her
Invoke- able to do mad things easier than others
Tag- when doing something sane
Compel- has outbursts of self-destruction
Wolf in a lambs disguise
Invoke- when trying to deceive
Tag- when trying to be honest
Compel- prefers to lie and con
Neath a golden throne
Invoke- when pulling strings of a cabal
Tag- when doing things herself
Compel- tries to stay out of the spotlight
Lamb’s Ritual-sacrifice a lamb with a virgin knife than place the knife in a area the target normally occupies, the target will be ignorant of the incident stated during the ritual
History: you have been married to you husband since you were twenty years old and have proven time and again your loyalty to him. Recently though you have been acting strangely ever since you left your uncles puzzle house (castle imbued with old magic long ago) and yet have told no one of your actions except for your herald who you feel safe around and tell all of your secrets wether better or for worse. And now you know for worse as the court talks behind your backs about how she is romancing with a simpleton knight while her husband wilts away from the stress. And to keep your precious Grangis from listening to these lies you have been using the lamb’s ritual to keep him innocent of these poisonous words.
Concept: Vulture
Public Name: exhaltu – well known
Secret Name: lepathos – disease bearer
Family Name: Immanur – lined pockets
House: Serpent
Father: Elk marquis
Mother: Serpent Countess
Age: Summer
Titles: Court Scholar/Apothecary/knight
Bears Strength: 2
Falcons Courage: 3
Elks Cunning: 4
Foxes Beauty: 2
Serpents Wisdom: 4
Wolfs Prowess: weakness
Tag- you are weakened by the disease
Compel- you hate dirty places for that is where you got diseased
Invoke- you are very good with poisons and know how to make them
Tag- you have spent more time making potions than fighting
Compel- you are wary of people giving you food
Magically interested
Invoke- you are very well educated in the magical arts
Tag- you have no actual power or ability to cast spells
Compel- when magic is involved you become instantly interested
Knows the courts
Invoke- you have been working in the courts and you know who is who
Tag- you are not trusted as much for talking to everyone
Compel- you must talk to new people
Good Ear
Invoke- you have a good ear and pick up lots of things while you are carousing
Tag- some people know of your good ear and try to avoid talking around you
Compel- you love eavesdropping even if you know you will get caught
History: you have been working as a knight for the lesser houses for some time but recently you have heard of a great empire in distress and that soon it will be open season for the old marquis is weakening in his old age and will soon be torn to shreds by the wild dogs of the courts. And that is why you are here to claim as much land as you can and hold it.
Concept: Jealous brother
Public Name: Elrig - forgiving
Secret Name: Venth – revenge is all too sweet
Family Name: Grandeur – golden ven
House: Wolf
Father: Wolf count
Mother: falcon baroness
Age: Autumn
Titles: General, blade master, baron
Bears Strength: weakness
Falcons Courage: 3
Elks Cunning: 4
Foxes Beauty: 2
Serpents Wisdom: 2
Wolfs Prowess: 4
Single minded
Tag- when not doing what he set out to do
Compel- does what he is sent to do
Veteran of War
Invoke- he has lead many men to fight and has learned how to lead them
Tag- when bringing something to court he has no tact
Compel- prefers to fight from the back lines
Old Sword Arm
Invoke- his mighty swing has always served him well
Tag- he leaves himself open for counterattacks
Compel- he prefers duels to apologies
Bitter Brother
Invoke- he has a grudge against his brother that fuels him
Tag- and it is hard for him to help his brother or other family members
Compel-, which makes him always willing to draw blood
Leg Infiltrator
Invoke- his limping legs somehow helps him to move undetected
Tag- he has a limp and finds it hard to run
Compel- he will not take any insult about his leg lying down
Secret Army/3
Ihaltus blade/+6 when facing your brother
History: you and your brother grangis have been fighting at each others sides but now you fight on the battlefield as your brother talks with the weak scholars and lesser nobles and now, he gave you enough land to become a baron while keeping the rest for his ungrateful self making him a marquis, but you are still at his side probing secretly with your dagger at his ribs, you scratch here and their causing as much pain and destruction as you can and he has still not seen your vengeful intentions but soon you shall have the throne you worked so hard to achieve.
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Re: One off

Postby dogmirian » Tue Oct 05, 2010 1:21 pm

finally got people to play this at one off night and here is the result

we only had three players no including me so i played as the other three
we started with a general cunning test for what was happening at the old marquis winter party and we got
1) there's a new person
2) who is interested in talking to the vulture
3) the food is not poisoned YET
4) the mad queen is wearing something yellow
5) the food is a sickly kind of yellow
6) the queen is a lesbian
with that i saw where the next hour was going we started off with the vulture and brother talking to the new person who was the queens family agent Tzao who after the brother has left made a deal with the vulture to try and have some sort alliance to bring down the king. while that was happening the brother went off and asked the king (his brother) to talk to him in private where he enquired about the kings heir. the kings heirs were that most of his lands would go to his wife while a small amount would go to his brother and the loyal friends. at which point the brother killed the king. then we jumped to the queen while she was accepting presents when her herald came up to her and whispered that they needed to talk. after being sent by the queen to look after the king he told her about the terrible death of her husband at the hands of the kings brother but to try and lighten it up he reveals that he is the queens long lost brother. with this the queen and the herald went to the vulture for some poison and this is what happened
1)the bananas are poisoned
2)the kings brother is partial to bananas
3)when eaten the poison gives the victim 5 minutes before they die from paralyzation
4)the brother recently got the vultures disease
5)and the vulture finds out that the brother killed the king
about this time Tzao enters the kings room to find the brother standing over the kings corpse with a bloody dagger in hand and decides to make an arrangement with the brother. they enter the hall together as the herald falls at Tzaos feet begging forgiveness after revealing his true identity to the queen but upon seeing the brother he runs behind the queen shouting "he is the murderer, he murdered the king". at this point Tzao has a mental breakdown, the vulture offers the brother a banana but the brother uses a style to say "this is not the time for bananas i have been accused of murder" he then tries to get the queen in a side room while the vulture jumps onto a chandelier. and this is what happened
1)the queen is petrified that the court might find out her lesbianism
2)the queen learns of the brothers hatred for the king
3)the queen is very gullible so is easy to blackmail
4)and the queen has a dagger
with this the brother and queen start to head into the side room when the vulture jumps the brother but after realizing he jumped on the wolf he quickly gets off. then the brother arranges the for him to marry the queen and she accepts to get revenge, at the wedding the vulture poisoned the wine and kills everyone but her and the herald and the vulture "accidently" gets herself poisoned by eating the banana.
leaving the only heir standing the herald who unites the lands together.
altogether it was a really enjoyable hour of silliness and i will hopefully play this agin today with another group and see what mayhem ensues
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