The Colony of the Broken Dagger

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The Colony of the Broken Dagger

Postby chrespo » Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:38 pm

Hail fellow Ven,

My name is Chris and this is both my first post on these forums, as well as my first AP write-up. I had been dying to try this game out at the table, and yesterday I finally got a chance to do it. There was only three of us, with two players and me as the Narrator.

We took a good two hours to introduce the setting and discuss and create characters. Our story takes place in a newly explored archipelago called the Broken Dagger. It takes its flavor from equal parts of the Carribean and Jamaica, the Mayans, as well as novels such as Kipling´s "Heart of Darkness". It felt exotic and good. My players ended up with an Elk and a Wolf.

Ven Gelio Steele - A paranoid charmer who has an unstable relationship to his mother and sister,


Alfonse Adrente - An ambitious and wreckless swordsman who dabbles in necromantic rituals.

Ven Gelio´s player had a sweet idea that his PC had inherited all of his vassals from his late Falcon brother (who had been set up by his sister and mother...), and thus, all of their names pertained to birds. His Spy Network are the Magpies, his Personal Guard are the Peregrine, and his roadsmen are the Poppinjays.
Alfonse´player went with faux-latin naming conventions for his vassals.

I gave my players these Three Truths:

* Their benefactor at the Hub-of-All-Revenge, Norodoth Burghe, has sent them to prepare a province for him in the colonies.

* Norodoth is a Bear.

* He also wants his vassals to get a feel of the political climate, and to figure out who is to trust and who not to.

The players added these Truths:

* Norodoth and the self-proclaimed leader of the colonies, Aldiss Tammel, are old rivals.

* Alfonse Adrente was sent there as a military presence in the Burghe´s service in case the colonization spiraled out of control.

"The Bow is a Coward's Tool"

When the story begins, the Colony of the Broken Dagger has been flourishing for a year. The lords and Ladies of the Ven have been struggling to establish themselves in the new, beautiful and dangerous lands, and have not really had time to plot against each other yet. Because they have had their hands full taking what they can from "The Great Enemy," noone has really questioned Aldiss Tammel´s self-proclaimed leadership.

Aldiss has recently built a new temple-mausoleum to the Suaven at his Waterfall Keep of Stachio Castle, and has invited the Ven of the archipelago for a ceremonial fox hunt.

At the welcoming banquet Alfonse and Ven Gelio encountered Carlente Eshu, an Ork hunter who also has penned a series of pulp novels to spread his fame. There was a brief discussion about Ork who could posess the minds of Ven, and the proper way to respond to a situation as that.

Aldiss, the Fox host of the banquet, had dressed up his native servants as cultured Ven servers, much to the amusement of the blatantly racist congregation of Nobles. Fatima Uvon, the richest Ven alive, did not appriciate the crude joke, and took offense.
Ven Gelio was not late to use the opportunity to mock Aldiss predjudices and scored some points with Fatima in the process. Not long afterward, a Romance between the two began.

After Alfonse impressed the Nobles with his dagger throwing skills, Carlente challenged him to a friendly bout of D'Valesh, 'A game of knives'. The dagger throwing competition ended in a draw after Carlente decided to discard his last knife.

Alfonse also visited Zoemi Valar, an obese seeress, who brought forth a dark prophecy about the ceremonial fox hunt that would commence the next day.

A few of the other key players that were introduced were:

Aldiss acountant, Fabron Jasnine (he is EVIL! I picture this guy as a mix between Jaffar and Vladimir Putin)

Carmilla Yvarai, a successful architect in early Autumn (the campaign´s Dowager Duchess)

Paliandros Q'n, the falling star of the court, an artist who never really recovered after a failed romance with Aldiss prize-wife Phiala (Important!)

Gaulian Sinjin was mentioned, a Falcon who has gone native and lives in a cave where he consorts with ork. This guy I stole right out of the Proposition (an excellent Outback cowboy movie penned by Nick Cave).

Rodongo Sheeda, a Pirate Lord Wolf who is as easy to entertain as he is to anger

Before the fox hunt started the next day, Aldiss showed off his newly erected Temple dedicated to the Suaven. This is when a Mystery Cult led by the Serpent Akhentoma Valar showed up, carrying with them the first Ven to slip into Solace on the colony. The new Suaven was interred in the Mausoleum. Fatima Uvon wanted her coward-lover Ven Gelio to catch the fox in her honor.

Ven Gelio did a smart play on Carlente Eshu, the Ork hunter, by tricking him that there was a viscious Ork stalking the country side. Mid-hunt, Carlente leaves the hunting party, reasoning that bringing home the head of an Ork would be the greater honor than partaking in a ritual fox hunt.

Alfonse, suspecting that an assassination was about to take place, sent his spies into the forest armed with bows. They were supposed to fire their arrows at the arrival of the fox hunting party to scare them off from an eventual assassin hiding in the forest. It was perhaps a needlessly obtuse plan that ended up causing more chaos than intended, and gave the hidden assassin a perfect opportunity to snipe its target Phiala Tammel, Aldiss prize-wife.

Alfonse sets out after the shooter, and drags him into a river for a quick bout of punches and tackles. Ven Gelio sees the fox, but decideds to help his friend and tosses himself into the fray with the assassin.

Here I messed up as the Narrator, since I should have switched the rules over to Mass Murder, but alas, Alfonse ends up suckerpunching the assassin over the jaw, who trips over Ven Gelio´s fallen body. The assassin is revealed as Paliandros Q'n, who was looking for revenge against Phiala for breaking his heart.

In the end, Alfonse is concidered a hero of the colony, Phiala is being treated by doctors and pends between life and death, and Ven Gelio presented Fatima with a poem he found on the body of Paliandros, a very literal Foxes tail for his woman.

Alfonse threw a curveball in the end. The wreckless Wolf appeared with a dagger to the throat of Aldiss Tammel during the following night, asking him what was up with the increased weapons productions the Castle´s blacksmiths had been taxed with as well as the first class military steeds that Alfonse's Spy Network had found proof of.

At the end of the evening, we all had a great time, and it was really fun to see the players take the full advantage of winning Privilege and creating cool situations. The mood of our session was a little bit more lighthearted than what would have been optimal in my eyes. Having said that, what is tragedy without the "good days" that came before?
And I definitely see a bunch of interesting directions the story can go in, so I am sure we will bring the tragedy well within its time.

Thanks for bearing with me, I hope you enjoyed reading about our first game!
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