[Wilderness] more errors/mistakes

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[Wilderness] more errors/mistakes

Postby Lriot » Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:56 am

So I’m reading carefully the Wilderness and I found more mistakes or contradictions that need to be addressed by the author.
I wrote before about Tenacity.
Misery Rex wrote about missing resources table.
And here are some more problematic things.
Maybe an errata or some clarification is in order?

1) Unbloded Benefits: Holdinga, page 63, 2nd paragraph, 3rd sentence
“Obviously, swords and horses function as described in Houses of the Blooded rulebook”

Ork Trait Raider, page 101:
This ork has domesticated other orks, using them as mounts. See Horses found in the core book, page 35.“

There are no rules for horses. Or does it mean that this kind of an Ork has different types of mounts like: Ilderim, Grusha or mules and donkeys?

2) Conjuring - wagering for control, Page 96
Wagering for control description and example are contradictionary.
“When a magician summons a ghost or spectre, wagers determine how much the ghost can be compelled to do, and the outcome of the risk determines who is in
control of the encounter

And example of conjuring states that:
“Since the ghost could not score a total of 10 if it set aside enough dice to match her wagers, she will automatically have control—if she rolls a 10 on her four dice!”
Why the ghost needs to set aside any wagers to compete for control? It uses wagers to perform actions on its own not to have control. Control is determined by an outcome of the risk.

3) Ork trait Jumper, page 101
“Jumpers can move fast, springing from one opponent to another. At the end of each beat, an ork with the Jumper Trait can move from one opponent to a second opponent. He also gains a free strike against his new opponent when he does so.”

There are no beats in mass murder, beats if I recall correctly exists only in a duel.

4) New Aspects, page 103
Described Aspect have no Tags.
All character Aspects in HotB have Tags. So what are they?

5) Ork traits in New Orks
Deadly on page 124, 127 does not exists
Pack on page 124 does not exists
Herd on page 126 does not exists
More ork than ork on page 127 does not exists
Command on page 129 does not exists
Tricky on page 129does not exists
Art, History, Myth, Pack, Tricky, Village on page 135 do not exists

Above traits are not described in Wilderness nor in HothB rulebook.
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Re: [Wilderness] more errors/mistakes

Postby Lriot » Thu Mar 14, 2013 10:26 am

6) Points of "Accomplishments", page 184
"Additionally, some of these Acts of Devotion allow you to increase your Devotion Rank by investing points of “Accomplishments.” Pay close attention here too, it
will be important when we get to increasing your Q’val”s Devotion Rank."

There is no paragraph in the whole chaper about Q'val on increasing Devotion Rank by them (or I missed it somehow).
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Re: [Wilderness] more errors/mistakes

Postby PandaDad » Fri Apr 05, 2013 10:14 am

And of course I put my note in the wrong place!

Way Stations were supposed to be in the Wilderness book, if I remember the notation in the core book correctly. And aren't. Alas. "Good" is the enemy of "done", as our esteemed Department Head has been known to comment...
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