On the Subject of the Dramatic Bastard (Special Aspect)

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On the Subject of the Dramatic Bastard (Special Aspect)

Postby Kandagger » Mon Apr 07, 2014 10:02 pm

One of the players brought this discussion up in our RPoL game, and for some reason it intrigued. (if this is the wrong forum for this, I apologize in advance,)

So I went and dug through my original sources and came across something and found a bit of something I think serves the "dramatic purpose" of a Bastard as opposed to a historic one.

I submit before the committee, The Moveth

The decadence of the Ven is well known and their lust for all things is legendary. Even with all their ritual and pomp, lurking just below the surface is a hedonist the to rival even the greats of today.

Among themselves of course.

There is however one taboo that is resolute, one unspoken limit to their rapacity. One thing that will ostracize you among your peers and stain your reputation forevermore.

Do not lay on the dirt (I'm afraid I'm paraphrasing. The actual quote is a play on words between "sleeping on the ground", and "fertilizing the soil" )

The Veth are beneath notice, explicitly. The are not people, not male or female, they're dirt. Sleeping with one is like sleeping with your dog or your horse. Except your dog won't go blabbing all your pillow talk to anyone that asks, and your horse certainly won't get you pregnant...

Don't Lay on the Dirt.

Naturally, of course, the Ven do it all the time.

Sometimes the dirt is all you have, when the alluring Fox rejects your advances, when the Elk plays you for a fool when all you wanted was love. The dirt is always there, warm and comforting, plient and appreciate...and honored that you would notice her. Sure it usually leads to problems and headaches (and perhaps worst of all, a Veth who thinks she's people) but for that moment, it's worth it.

Just remember, Shanri, the world around you, the mother of every Ork, and the Earth beneath your feet HATES YOU and all you represent. She hates your friends, hates your family, hates what you treasure and what you store.

Don't think she'll let this opportunity to utterly destroy you pass her by.

A child born of such a union is doomed...fated, foretold, prophesied to end her Ven parent's life and scatter his holdings to the four winds. What the Ven build's up, the child will bring down. What the Ven cherishes, the child will destroy or take for itself.

The Ven have a name for these abominations, Moveth...half-dirt, changeling, homunculus, Ork's child...


It is the worst insult a Ven can suffer. For not only does it insult him, it insults every connection the Ven has. To call a Ven a Bastard is beyond the Game of Insults...it is a pain that can only be solved with blood.

And don't get me started about if it's TRUE.


Invoke: You are the eventual doom of your parent, that much is certain, but no one said it needed to happen immediately (and in fact, now probably isn't the moment). Gain 4 dice (yes, 4) on any roll associated with your Ven parent. To help or to hinder.

Tag 1: This "devotion" to your parent would be endearing if it wasn't so encompassing. Opponents gain 2 dice to involve you in a scheme with your parent as the victim...I mean beneficiary.

Tag 2: This is the reason you get four dice to invoke. The Ven do not suffer a bastard to live. Anyone who knows this tag gains three dice against your schemes. Needless to say, no one must know this. If they learn the real reason behind your devotion, then forget the sword, it's time for torches and pitchforks.

It is not a crime to kill a Moveth, it is a public service. Your only protection against this fate is the first tag...they must believe you're just devoted to your parent. Because if they ever roll to learn the compell again. They will know the truth...and will proclaim it from the high places. You will have no rest, know no peace even unto the end of your days.

And worst of all Mother will be most unsatisfied with you.

Compel: Your parent. That arrogant slime who violated your mother--your real mother, not the pathetic wastrel who bore you--and continues to violate her. Must pay.

Crush them.

Don't just kill them...death is too quick for what they deserve. Wait and watch as they build up their wealth, fill their stores with gold and jewels. Watch them marry and have their own "normal" children.

And take it all away from them.

Take it slowly, piece by piece. Crumble their fortunes, sabotage their shipments, salt their fields and hobble their horses. Seduce their spouse, poison their guard and strangle their children in their sleep. The lover, the mother, the father, the sibling, none are without fault.

Better to remain silent, and be thought a fool...than to speak, and remove all doubt.
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Re: On the Subject of the Dramatic Bastard (Special Aspect)

Postby PandaDad » Tue Apr 08, 2014 7:58 am

Yeah, credit where 'tis due, that was me...although I was thinking a little less Iago and Mordred for my lil' Serpent, so this isn't what I'm using. It was still so cool that I pestered him to share it here.

I may come to regret that generosity. :lol:
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Re: On the Subject of the Dramatic Bastard (Special Aspect)

Postby dogmirian » Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:09 pm

Style points, all the style points belong to you two.

Love not only the mechanics but the infused flavor, very venish.
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