The geography of Shanri

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The geography of Shanri

Postby JustJonny » Fri Nov 13, 2015 10:40 pm

I'm getting ready to start another Houses of the Blooded campaign, and I was thinking about making another map of Shanri for it.

In my last game, the islands spiraled out from Davfanna Aldrena ever smaller as they went, symbolically emphasizing that power is concentrated there.

I was thinking more about it, and I've been thinking that since whatever cataclysm that occurred most likely happened at Davfanna Aldrena, the islands should be smallest there, with Davfanna Aldrena itself surviving intact due to the Stone of Ages acting as a sort of magical lightning rod. The gaps between islands would radiate out in a radial fracture pattern, with larger and larger islands the farther out you go.

I thought this would be great because it paints a symbolic picture of Davfanna Aldrena as something destructive. Also, smaller islands will have more coastline regions proportionally, which makes sense since the closer to the hub you are, the more opportunities for trade there are.

Aside from that, using the numbers from my "How populous is your Shanri?" and "What is a province?" posts, I have a total of 594 provinces, with about 600 square miles each. I figured that since Shanri is an archipelago, it's about three quarters water. That totals about 1.4 million square miles, or a little over half again bigger than the Mediterranean.

What are your thoughts, you loyal few who still tread this mostly abandoned board?
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Re: The geography of Shanri

Postby Nihilistic Mind » Wed Nov 18, 2015 7:46 am

JustJonny, I like a lot of the ideas that you are putting forth. If I recall correctly, the core book describes what region each House occupies, describing mountain ranges in the north for Bear, Isles in the South for Wolf, things like that. I'll look it up when I'm home.

It's hard to scale Shanri, simply for the fact of how important Exploration actually is to the ven. Ambitious ven who want to avoid politics often turn to Exploration and taming the wilds of Shanri, which of course suggests that Provinces have a tendency to be isolated, and/or that there are lots of wild places to explore in the first place.

Either way, make some maps and share them!
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Re: The geography of Shanri

Postby JustJonny » Thu Jul 21, 2016 4:44 pm

I forgot I made this post months ago. Here's the map I made. I made one with roughly province sized hexes (totally roughly 650 provinces of land), and one without.

Please excuse the jpg, it's the only way I could fit it on Imgur.
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Re: The geography of Shanri

Postby shadowclasper » Tue Sep 06, 2016 6:40 pm

I actually had the idea that given the context of what was described to us, Shanri would almost certainly be located in polynesia, indonesia, australia, and generally around that mess of south-east asian islands. So you might want to look into that as inspiration?
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