Wilderness of Mirrors: What I use Saturn for?

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Wilderness of Mirrors: What I use Saturn for?

Postby vitorpissaia » Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:54 pm

I runned a one-shot of Wilderness of Mirrors and several questions popped-up.

1: What are the uses of the "atribute" Saturn? It's discription it's a litlle vague, and the majority of risks I imagined for it could be tested with another one.

2: When is not a risk, who narrates the scene? We passed some dificulties - mainly because it's our first try with a system designed for shared narrative control - to determine when finish the players narrative and starts the operative.

3: When a caracter got killed? I know that hit points are contrary the feeling of the system, but last weekend they got a Mars bad roll and I shoot their legs, but if I caught it right i could killed their caracters right there, didn't I?

4 and Final, but not less important: When/how someone tells that betrayed some one in change for Trust Dices. Lets pretend that I give my teammate a bomb with less time that would be safe for him. I get the dices and after the roll I tell him, without a chance to escape?

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Re: Wilderness of Mirrors: What I use Saturn for?

Postby PandaDad » Fri May 27, 2011 3:12 pm

I have a better question for you, amigo. What the heck is Saturn?

See, that word pops up in the summary on page 11 of the 002 edition of WoM, but I'll be jiggered if I can find any reference for it anywhere else. :shock: This is also the only place in the 002 edition that mentions giving the players a number of bonus mission dice equal to the Saturn attribute of the team leader.

Imma guess this is something from one version that carried over into a new version somehow...but before I try to use this to start playing Burn Notice, I figured I'd better ask! :D (Speaking of which. Fiona is obviously a Gunbunny, and Sam's a Grifter to the core, but Mike's a bit hard to pin down. Fixer with a good dose of Shade, maybe?)

A couple of working answers for your other questions:

#2. Either say yes or roll the dice, as Vince Baker would say. Get to the Risks. If they've done a sufficiently good job of adding complications to the run, this won't take long. And if you want to be a complete bastard about it, you could always charge 'em a Mission Point to take narrative control of a non-Risk moment. :twisted: I would.

#3 Yes, you could kill them outright. That's merciful. It's also out of genre. Capture them and then force the others to either rush the job or waste time trying to rescue them. Stick them in deathtraps. Remember to have the villains show up to gloat over their helplessness. (Remember, too, that just 'cause the Narrator has total control, this doesn't mean the party has failed. You could give them an unqualified, utterly flawless success! That should shake 'em up a bit.)

#4 So you betrayed your bestest chum and are sending him out to go 'boom' because the timer goes off after twenty seconds, not five minutes. You get your Trust Dice. Congratulations. Resolution is up to you, but here are my armchair suggestions.

First, tampering with an explosives timer is a Fixer sort of thing. Make a Fixer risk. Whoever gets narrative control gets the responsibility for the other spy's fate.

Second, your target can borrow a mechanic from Houses of the Blooded and spend a Mission Point to be only mostly dead, unconscious, missing and presumed dead...

Third, unless you're playing cut-throat style, the other player is aware that you just got Trust dice and are therefore up to something. It would be acceptable for them to scheme a few Trust Dice for themselves in short order. Something with a deadman switch would work nicely. :twisted:

Hope that helps! And now I'm off to rewatch Ep 14 of the original series of The Prisoner, just to get the whole feel of how to shaft a paranoid with an intelligence network. Be seeing you.

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