Byron Falls House Rules

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Byron Falls House Rules

Postby Bards-Tale » Wed Jan 11, 2012 10:11 am

So I have been running a rather interesting game of Byron Falls the last few months.

A few things have come up in the game that I thought I would pass along for those interested:

1) Everyone gets 1 dice no matter what. Why? Cause everyone can try. You may not be the smartest person in the world so you don't have a point in Study, but you can still try to have a moment of brilliance... however this is also another chance for your Enemy to say something true about you....

2) In High School no one really knows you by your name except you Friends and Enemies, They know you by "That Kid". So what "That Kid" are you? Right now in my game we have "The Pretty Girl", "The Robot Guy", "The Rebel Chick", and "The Mayor's Son". Whenever my players do something related to their title they get 1 extra dice. For example: Kelvin "The Mayor's Son" is trying to use his Drama to ask his crush to the Homecoming Dance. He has a 1 in Drama. So this means he Gets his 1 for Drama + 1 One-cause-everyone-gets-One + 1 for being "The Mayor's Son" cause who is going to say no to going to the Homecoming Dance with "The Mayor's Son". Some have argued this is a lot of dice and not a lot of opportunity for Enemy input, but we have been running this way for months now and Enemies still get to declare the Truth A LOT!!!!!!

3) Ki Stones - .... My Players are cool. My Players are very cool. And do very cool things... and they know it... it was brought up there is no style in the game or any kind of "reward system" for super awesomeness. So after a bit of thought we now have Ki Stones. A Ki Stone has certain rules. It has to be used the same night it is earned. No carry overs. It can be used to make an automatic Truth (as long as it is not a truth about another PC unless they agree upon it). It can be used to Unlock who is Supernatural if they have obtained enough evidence. It can be used to get 1 Soul Point Back (because if you are human there is no other way to get your soul points back). Ki Stones are few and very far between... and I have been known to hand them out for very random things: like If anyone dressed up as their character for Halloween they got one XD That night was pretty awesome.

4) Backpacks and Lockers - we ran into a bit of a problem. "Of course I brought a flashlight, a crossbow, salt, a necronomicon, 5 spare sets of cloths, a rail gun, a zombie head, and the exact magic item that is needed to defeat the Big Bad"... :roll: no... I very rarely say no, but no. Something had to be done. So Backpacks were made. A Backpack is just that. The players are allowed to say they have whatever they want as long as it is in there Backpack (which is managed on It has to be realistic. They can only have as much as can fit in a standard High School Backpack. However, this Backpack is ALWAYS on their person unless they declare otherwise. They are also allowed 1 awkward item. Ex: (Back to Kelvin) Kelvin plays the Bass guitar. He always wants it on him, but the neck would stick out of the Backpack. So we made it he can still the Bass guitar but he can't have anything else awkward.
And then there are Lockers - Sure when you are at home you can restock your Backpack and rearrange it, but what about Not-Home. A lot of problems happen at Byron Falls Highschool and you can't get home in time. So you have Lockers. Again you can only keep a realistic amount of items in your Locker. A Freshman Locker is declared to be 2x2x3. And as long as you make the right "Detention" rolls when filling it you can put "Anything" in it. At any point while in the Highschool they can rearrange their Backpacks and Lockers.

5) Soul Point Rolls - Sooooo a Demon is trying to possess you. How do you resist??? Drama, Detention, Study, Sports, Art??? None of those really fit so it is not fair to say he just does it. So we have Soul Point Rolls. You take as many dice as you have Soul Points and Roll. However many successes you have you divide by 2 and round up. This Roll is used as an opposing Roll, so better beat the Big Bad.

I think this is it. If I remember anything else I will share it then :)
Have fun playing
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