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Crown of Roses, Scepter of Thorns (Play By Post Game)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 16, 2014 1:35 pm
by PandaDad
It is Winter, and each of you has received a missive from a neighboring Noble inviting you to attend their seasonal party...their first such, by the timing, and indeed the first contact you have received from them since securing your own lands. On the heels of this invitation, you also received a message from a relative that gives you two things: a reason to attend the party, and a reason to be worried. You also have an appropriate Rank 1 Gift for the occasion.

Arrive at your neighbor's castle as you will, and enter the scene in their main courtyard to meet and greet! This is your grand entrance onto the stage and your opening monologue in the script as the curtain rises and the orchestra plays your signature motif in the score.

Three Things about your Neighbor
1. They are newly established in these lands.
2. They have not contacted you before this.
3. They are Bold.

Re: Crown of Roses, Scepter of Thorns (Play By Post Game)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:06 pm
by Astelle_Mwwr
Chayana gently tapped the delicate glass bottle in her hands with one finger as she looked around the castle's interior. No sign of the lovely Fox, yet, but she seemed to be the first guest, so no surprise. Thin and tall as a sapling, she had decided on a soft, light blue gown that clung to her frame, the neckline revealing just enough of her chest to be interesting, yet not enough to reveal much beyond the pale contrast of her skin. While other Ven may boast ample assets, hers were harder to detect, and some in society had passed around the rumour that she was merely pretending at femininity. Their voices hadn't been heard since the mysterious plague of deaths last season, however. Apparently deciding to dispel some of those rumours, she had paired a gold-trimmed underbus corset with the gown to accentuate the curves of her assets, at least, and the delicate embroidery of the fabric traced the outlines of many blossoming flowers of various shapes. Her hands were wrapped in a golden lace that echoed the embroidery as it stretched from the middle finger of each hand to the outsides of each thumb before completely enveloping her from the wrist to the elbow. Her feet were also wrapped in gold, the fabric dyed and shaped into glittering roses whose vines held sole to ankle and foot, with a modest two inch heel to lift her that vital little inch from merely tall to imposing. Striding confidently across the floor, she smiled briefly to the seneschal as she gave her name and presented the bottle, "I assume our host has graciously offered hospitality. In return, this is a bottle of fox-wine prepared just this season for whenever the host would like things to be more interesting."

(I'd like to offer a style for Ato's sister to have sent the dress for Chayana to wear to the althua)

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:06 pm
by PandaDad
Your hostess's seneschal, clad in plain yet tasteful brown robes to allow them to remain unobtrusive during the festivities, accepts the wine with a bow and a gently whispered courtesy before carrying it away to be properly presented.

Almost immediately behind you another party arrives, being in the main a wild-eyed, wild-haired man clad mostly in blue and lavender with yellow trim, followed by three young veth servants bearing between them a pair wooden boxes and an artist's easel. He sweeps aside, passes the receiving line without so much as a glance at the other guests, and hastens deeper into the castle with his little helpers struggling to keep up like a trio of lap dogs in the wake of a courser.

You also catch a glimpse of a certain Summer-aged beauty, a Fox known well to you in no small part because you have met her younger brother...

EDIT (Grammarian Constabulary nitpick: That's a general 'you', not specific. Although our other player has yet to take the stage, they can see the same things!)

Re: Crown of Roses, Scepter of Thorns (Play By Post Game)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:51 am
by dogmirian
As Chayana, after making the necessary talk with the seneschal, glided into the main hall, Lady Tzao dismounted from her carriage.
She wore a light veil, too thin to detect it's color, and a heavier dress under neath, too covered to reveal it's color, giving an overall appearance of a light burgundy, except when the light strikes the skirt just so, then lavender light silhouette the dark contours of what one might presume to be her lower thigh.
To her left, and barely in front of her, stands a tall man.
Summer has not dried the fat from his face, but his green tunic with lavender and pink threading in a sun ray pattern can not hide the beginning of the cultivation of that spring fat into muscle.
Behind them a handful of masked veth carry forth two chests.
The leading pair of veth place the first chest before the Seneschal, with Lady Tzao lifting the lid revealing it full of fine glass statuettes of the six house animals.
"Please tell our Hosts that Lady Tzao Steele has arrived, with her husband, and that I bring gifts of the sacred animals, in the form of the scarce glass, as a sign of my appreciation of their offering of hospitality."
Tzao let the veth close the lid gently as she lifted her hand from it.
"If you could also instruct my staff where I will be sleeping tonight, they can finish my preparations."
With that, Tzao strode forward. Her husband managed to stay just in front still, and lagged on the stairs into the ball room as they were introduced by the hosts heralds, though Lady Tzao had already swooped upon the shadows of the party.
The veth slipped into the concealed corridors of the servants in a precision unbecoming of staff.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:21 pm
by PandaDad
(+1 Style to Tzao for intriguing gift)

With appropriate deference, your hostess's staff attend to the matter, bearing gifts forward and whispering instructions to the masked veth so as not to disturb the elegance of the arrival.

Soon enough, you are both announced by the servant standing in for a more formal doorman and escorted into the main hall where the other guests are milling about and chatting over wine and tidbits, waiting for the call that supper is being served. Already tantalizing hints of the culinary delights to come linger in the air, borne by tray-carrying servants who enter to replenish the snacks laid out for perusal. There is no sign of the wild-haired man, but the beauteous Fox approaches with fan demurely held before her face as if seeking to spare Tzao's husband the temptation of her features.

"Lady Tzao. Lady Chayana. How lovely to encounter you here! May I impose upon a few moments of your time for a frivolous question or two?"

Her purr bears reminders of your earlier meeting, and moreso of the promise you three shared...

(Wisdom Risk to detail the promise! Or bid Style.)

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:43 pm
by dogmirian
(Invoking: 'I Am my Mothers Daughter' and 'Steele'. for 3+3+2=8 dice, wagering 4. Rolled 1+1+3+6=11)

Re: Crown of Roses, Scepter of Thorns (Play By Post Game)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:41 pm
by dogmirian
(I'm a bit overburdened with truths this early so I will convert two into a style point for later, leaving me with three.)

The brightly and vivid colors of the party, bleed into the background of the dark warm colors of the meeting at the sumer house retreat only two seasons ago, and the masks of mirth worn by the three ladies were replaced by the faces of stoic animosity and unspoken greed.

While the foxes purrs spoke of delight and frivolity, the words she rekindled from that night were stark, cold and edged, as hard and deadly as any emotion.
None would take what was spoken lightly, especially not tonight.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:17 am
by PandaDad
The Fox smiles behind her fan, a hint of the knowing expression showing.

"You understand. Good. It seems the time has come, courtesy of circumstances not of our desire."

She turns to accept an offered goblet from one of the veth servants, otherwise ignoring the man's presence as is only proper.

"Most vexing of all, I have heard the whispers again. In my dreams."

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PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 8:11 pm
by dogmirian
A slight tilt of Tzao's head towards her left is barely noticeable before Barron Tyrn took a bow, and bid his excuse to catch up with an old friend and relative who journeyed far to catch up.
Why would the voices return. We were going ahead as suggested by the blessed suaven. Maybe the Fox's own interests were calling forth a new set of whispers, though why then bring the date of the ritual forward.
"What does IT whisper now?"
and surely she would get the most out of this, if she truly didn't feel anything towards them.

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PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2014 7:45 am
by PandaDad
"An excellent question, but the answer must wait for now," the Fox admits, her tone at war with her words. "This is hardly the place and time. As for our other seems my little brother has gone and gotten himself married. Or, rather, Father has imposed a bride upon him. That changes matters, wouldn't you say?"

Her smile returns, now a touch frosty.

"And what of your own circumstances? I have heard rumors of some difficulty. Exaggerated, of course. They always are."