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From Arisaph Steele to Faldrak the Bold

PostPosted: Mon Jul 06, 2009 7:09 am
by Nihilistic Mind
From Rumors thread
Lord Faldrak the Bold is seeking a Count to pledge himself to, so as to avaoid recriminations from is Father, the Lord Slothe.

Lord Faldrak,

It is rumored that you seek protection and wish to work under the Shadow of a Count.
I can offer you both, and probably more.

Let us talk freely if the rumors are true.

Count Arisaph Steele

Re: From Arisaph Steele to Faldrak the Bold

PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:33 am
by lilac_lemur
My Dear Arisaph,
Rumours are rumours, I wouldn't pin weight to them.

However, the foul Sloth has friends and enemies surrounding my lands, the fawning dandy Yvarai on one side has been dealing quite openly with him, while, in direct opposition, the whore, Hespa, that refused my hand and took that of the mad Aban, is a declared enemy.

With this in mind, it becomes a matter more of needing a Count who could bring men to my defence should the current unrest leave the fopp suggestable enough to allow my father to march an army through Denderach, or lead to conflicts erupting as he tries to seize the nearby lands Hespa was gifted.

Of course, military strength is not the only benefit one can seek from such bonds.

I look forward to any discussions.

Yours, Expectantly,

Re: From Arisaph Steele to Faldrak the Bold

PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:40 pm
by Nihilistic Mind
Lord Faldrak,

I can provide you with enough manpower to deal with the trouble that is most imminent.

If you have heard of me, you already know that I trust in my Barons' ambition. This clearly stated, I wish to know what you will offer in exchange of immediate support and protection. Let me also make it clear that tributes in Resources are unnecessary at this time, though not unwelcome.

My plan is to help you secure your Province and position amid your enemies. After that, I will continue to offer support in the acquisition of the lands of your enemies. Helping you maintain and grow your Domain will help me in turn.

Let us meet in neutral lands where I will bring men to help. I need to know how many as soon as possible so that I can assemble a proper force.

Looking forward to working with you closely,

Count Arisaph Steele

Re: From Arisaph Steele to Faldrak the Bold

PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:08 pm
by lilac_lemur
Count Steele,

Do you take me for a fool? To meet you in any ground that I do not control, where you bring men, allegedly for my protection would leave me open, both to predation by you and scorn for my alleged weakness in needing any such help, from those who would oppose me. Far better that, as the one looking to gain my support, you were to come alone and unguarded to meet me in my lands, on a date set by me, and to thus show that you are a man of trustworthiness and honour.

The offer, beyond this clear oversight on your part, does interest me, however. That said, it is not the only offer I have received. The Fopp, fool that he is has sent word that he bears no ill will to me, his hideous, lecherous, cloying tone so reminiscent of my father's that I took great pleasure in destroying his calligraphy in a very precise and utter manner. Even now, my neighbour on the other side, one Ezidel Mwrr, whose wandering wife's lust for greatness is such that she will sing the words of any who would wish her to, has requested a time to meet, that we may discuss matters of import. Mwrr's approach, coming by him, and not by his wife, intrigues me also, and I shall have to see what deal he wishes made.

To that end, let us lay our cards on the table and call a spoon a spoon, and not trifle with such games as "guess the cutlery", so I know what you expect, what price you ask for me to be allowed to bow my head before your banners, I tell you now that you must tell me what you want, for I do not trifle with such fripperies as offers. Resources are such a petty prize, especially for so little. And Resources are something that I may not be able to spare, so newly ensconced am I in my new realm, that was driven to the edge of destruction and dereliction by the dolt Eshu and his Count, Hanza. Ask then what you will, give unto me the price you would demand, that I may know what you seek in return for my grateful subservience. Only thus, with fore-knowledge of what you desire from me, can I fairly choose between the sundry threats and offers that may arrive on my table, only thus, that I may see your true character, whether you be a decadent fool who sees his subordinates as little more than cattle, like the Sloth would be, had he any true power, or a cruel and twisted manipulator, like Calviel, or a consumate politician like Hanza, a military man like the late Roze, or an abstract anarchist like that dreadful worm, Ru. The question you must, now, ask yourself is this: which of those fine, upstanding Counts do I, Faldrack see as being the paragon of the role, which should you try to immitate? I will answer your question: any deceit will be revealed and shall be punished in whatever way I see fit. Offer to me, ask of me what you will, but do so only as you, as yourself, not as any other might do, for no other is you.

I pray this message reaches you with haste and that you are equally swift to reply with the terms and conditions you seek.


Re: From Arisaph Steele to Faldrak the Bold

PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:56 pm
by Nihilistic Mind
Baron Faldrak,

You seem to think me untrustworthy for some reason. Was it because your father received an invitation to the wedding I am hosting? You should know me better than that, but since hearsay can sometimes be more powerful than words and actions witnessed first-hand, let me make it perfectly plain and clear: if I wanted to take advantage of you on neutral grounds or give your enemies an edge, I would have long ago offered my support to them and you would have found your staff infiltrated in your own Domain. Interrogate your veth and the Blooded that serve you now and you will confirm that I have taken no such action. I do not mean this as a threat, I only wish to clarify that your point is moot and if you yourself find reasonable doubt in my words or actions, let it be known now rather than insult me with mild suspicion.

Besides, I do not associate with fools...

It serves me well to clarify the following matter as well. Gaining your support is not my ultimate goal and should therefore not be used in any form of negotiation. Having another Baron in order to grow my circle is not what I desire out of you. There are plenty of opportunities much closer and situations simpler to deal with.

To be blunt - since you demand it - none of my Barons are resourceful in a way that I believe you can be. They do not command a force of men powerful enough to take over territories hostile to their goals. I do, and I have hopes of continuing to raise such a force myself, but for the time being, consider that I would like you to fulfill that goal in the Northern archipelago of Tir Torigh. Continue to host and grow the Vassals I offer you and continue to grow your Domain. Having a readily available following in the North would be greatly advantageous.

If you find yourself without this long-term ambition, I will understand your needs to be for immediate protection only and you will find yourself without the real need of a Count, but rather in need of a gift. I will not begrudge you if that is the case, but my investment cannot stand as such unless you can think of a way you can serve me best.

You ask me to name a price, and yet you state nothing of what things you can accomplish without help.

I am curious to see what sort of Ven you turn out to be and what path you choose and I hope that our paths converge in a way that will benefit us both.

Count Arisaph Steele

Re: From Arisaph Steele to Faldrak the Bold

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 6:02 am
by lilac_lemur
My Dear Count,
I, of course meant no insult to the great and powerful Arisaph Steele by my reply, rather I am unsure as to whom may truly be seen as neutral, I am, after all, a "Bold Baron", and as such not the most popular among any who may seek my lands. As for your idea of questioning my vassals with regard your attempts to infiltrate them, it is clear quite how little you know of the lands of the north, as the only vassals I have at present are those whose loyalty I bought from the former holder of my lands less than a full season ago, and, as such, it is pointless making any enquiry. Do you have any further idiotic suggestions to make that will prove the honour in your intentions?

As for the loyal army you speak of, I have no such illegal forces, nor do I intend to raise anything so blatantly in flagration of the rules of the Senate. Armies of "Personal Guards" and of Roadsmen are currently encircling my lands, claiming the fringes of Abanshire, as was, and my men, whose loyalty has been but recently bought are not sufficient to hold these lands as I have inherited only part of the pitiful Vassally that the dolt Eshu thought he could hold his lands with. To that end, I fear that any military might you may think you could benefit from, will be somewhat busy.

If you wish to gift me vassals in the hope of thus gaining my loyalty, I would, of course, never be ungracious enough to refuse a gift, although any promise with regards my loyalty shall be dependent on their quality and loyalty.

You question my ambition, what sort of fool would do such, after all, am I not a Blooded Ven? Of course I have such ambition, I am not a coward, my blood is still that of a Bloodline, I have not taken on the Veil, and I, of course, shall continue to grow in power and lands, with or without your help.

As for what sort of Ven I shall become, one that will not take fools gladly, and who shall not be a tool in someone else's game. What fool of a Count would openly seek military strength, unless he is one who is somehow involved in the current occupation of the Senate, in which case, I congratulate you, and shall, of course, welcome any deals that may be forthcoming.


Re: From Arisaph Steele to Faldrak the Bold

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 5:20 pm
by Keith Fyans
OOC: So, at my game a couple of hours back Ezidel turned up to try and win Faldreck as a Baron for Amara's play for Countess. A risk was instigated with he Intent to win Faldrak as a vassal for Amara... At this point the postal-intent from Fabien of Winning Faldrack as a Vassal for Arisaph was revealed. Faldrack stated his intent was to get the best deal for himself.

The roll was made.

Arisaph was successful in his Intent, but even in failure Ezidel had most Wagers to play due to his use of The Softness Spot. The Wagers ran (out of order) as:

  • Faldrack will pledge to Arisaph
  • But will sign a Blood Oath with Amara
  • In return for no dispute by the Golden Masque over his claim for the lands he took from Aban
  • And Faldrack cannot take any actions against the Golden Masque
  • Amara can call upon Faldrack's Armies
  • But the Blood Oath will never lead to the detriment of Arisaph

  • Arisaph will become a contact of Ezidel Mwrr (Fabien: do you accept this and gain a Style or reject this at the cost of a Style? PM me and I'll edit this accordingly)

  • Arisaph will gift Faldrack a small army (any rank) (Fabien: do you accept this and gain a Style or reject this at the cost of a Style? PM me and I'll edit this accordingly)

  • Arisaph's part in this negotiation, for good or ill, for or against, is over

Once the Truths above are confirmed we can place this in the next letters between the two of you. Since the assassination my game has cranked up to 23. The action has been epic. The politics have been the John Wick Social Meat-grinder you read about. The players are acting in ways I am constantly surprised and pleased by. And now other games have started to play a big part locally. Awesome.

Re: From Arisaph Steele to Faldrak the Bold

PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 3:04 pm
by Nihilistic Mind
I swear I (mostly) try not to swear but...


I will take both style points offered and accept these as truths. Faldrak has an Army of Rank 1 (need to know how many ranks of Farms he has in order to keep more).

((BTW, I love the Softest Spot, it's one of my favorite Blessings, and it was a damn good use of it! Thanks again to the Golden Mask for letting me mess with your game from time to time :D ))

Re: From Arisaph Steele to Faldrak the Bold

PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:06 pm
by Keith Fyans
OOC: Awesome! He currently has only 1 Farm and a Rank 1 Army, but by the time your men arrive he plans to have more farms ;) If you want to find out more, it is prob best to do so IC. Keep in mind that your men will take a Season to travel here (assuming they are in the West).

Re: From Arisaph Steele to Faldrak the Bold

PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2009 4:08 pm
by Nihilistic Mind
((Correct. Their Autumn Season Action is to go into the Northern Lands, so hopefully they will arrive in time.))