In the Dungeons of Castle Sarnath

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In the Dungeons of Castle Sarnath

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[OOC: Heads up. This scene implies naughty and probably downright disturbing things... Be forewarned.]

Senses confused, both sharpened and dulled from the Fox Wine and the recently acquired "Grains of Paradise", Arisaph finds himself straying from the end of Jonan Drax' dull speech. At his arm is the most beautiful woman in the Province of Ashkelmar, Lady Ecks. Before he leaves the Althua he is hosting in vain - as he had expected a representative of the Emperor denied the rumor that Jaymen Steele is dead and throwing a party in His Honor was unnecessary - Arisaph turns his head to look across the room, at the woman he deeply loves. The Great Swordswoman Paethira Sheeda... She gives him a questioning look and he turns his gaze back. The voices of the Althua fade quickly. A strange effect of the drugs.

It was bad enough that he chose Lady Ecks, Priestess of the Black Rose at the Temple of Talia, as his special guest for the evening, in order to torment his good friend Alban Yvarai, but everything was now falling apart.

Alban had turned everything around in an instant, declaring his Love and Devotion to Vriyana, thus making Lady Ecks jealous rather than the other way around. In the process, it seemed Lady Ecks began making very poor choices, as she seemed determined to spend time with Arisaph alone, in order to get back at Arisaph. Arisaph had not planned for this, and yet the curves under the many veils she wore, especially in his current state, looked and felt awfully tempting nonetheless.

And Jonan Drax and his despicable Laws! Arisaph was equally furious and glad. Glad that he could share delicate information about the now illegal Secret Armies of the Earl of the Elk with the Inquisitor Drax, but furious that someone so close to the Emperor would wield such power with impunity and efficiency. The Drax fellow had an Ambassador to Ork! What sort of other foulness could the ven expect from Drax?! Alban could claim it was all an elaborate farce the ladies of his life were playing on him, but Arisaph was clever enough to realize Shanri was changing drastically.

Everything was slipping away so quickly. Was he affected by his wife? Was it the Narcotics? Who knew, really... It did not matter. His Romance with Paethira would fail to turn into a Liaison even though he felt the want and need for such things. He knew Paethira too much. She was proper. And what a proper Romance she had offered him! Out of a relationship of convenience, Arisaph manipulated his own heart, thrust into a Romance the likes of which he never thought possible.

But instead of his beloved, it was the beautiful Lady Ecks that held his hand, dragging him down the quiet and cold corridors of Castle Sarnath, as if she knew where they were going. Behind them a pretty cat followed, one of the gifts from Lady Ecks' own sister.


"Where are you taking me, Arisaph?" she whispered sweetly in his ear. Arisaph grinned back at her and took her hand, squeezing this way and that, drawing her into the deep recesses of the ancient parts of the Castle, close to the ruined cliffs of the Iblin Coast. The glacial sea air could be felt traveling through the corridors from time to time, and Arisaph gallantly offered his extravagant fur coat to his guest. She let him put it over her shoulder and he brushed the small of her neck in the process. She shivered and purred.

They descended into the inner chambers of the dungeon, where prisoners could be left and forgotten indefinitely, where problem could disappear and reappear at opportune times.

"I have lied to you, Lady Ecks. You are not my only special guest in Castle Sarnath," he says to her with a wicked smile. She smiles back, her teeth almost glowing in the darkness.

Both of them can hear the whimpering voice of someone on the other side of the cell. It calls for a name, "Ashveil..." it says quietly.

"Who is it?" Lady Ecks asks, intrigued. "Who is... competing for your attention with me tonight?"

"It is hardly a competition... She is already bound." Again, the wicked smile. Arisaph can feel it widen, the dual meaning of his words truly responsible here. "Her identity is inconsequential to you since you are not aware of her outside of this room. What matters is what she was doing in Sarnath and why I've kept her alive."

Intrigued, Lady Ecks also realize she has Arisaph under her thrall. They are far from the party and far from any interfering guests. As Arisaph unlocks the heavy door, Lady Ecks hears a muffled gasp from within and presses her body against his, feigning surprise.

Arisaph lights several torches within the cell, which turns out to be furnished with many strange torture devices, all very freshly installed and cleaned. Lady Ecks can see a young woman, bound in chains, her neck held by a metal ring fixed to the wall. It appears it has no lock.

The woman has a deep scar on the left side of her face. She looks fit and fierce and her eyes plead for Revenge. She is gagged by a strange device that keeps her jaw constantly set against the ring at her neck. Blood is seeping from under the device.

"What is... that?" Lady Ecks asks catching her breath, as the prisoner eyes them back.
"It forces her to tell the truth... It's usually a nasty thing but in her case it is not working the way you would imagine. You see, she is an assassin we caught just a few weeks ago. Unfortunately for her employers, she cannot bear to lie. She can try, but she's terrible at it. I've been having fun forcing her into corners of contradicting truths until she bleeds. I truly wonder if she'll be able to even speak by the time I'm done with her..."

"Was she here to assassinate you, Lord Arisaph?" she asks, squeezing his arm with surprising strength, her nails sinking into his skin, leaving marks. "Who is her employer?"

Arisaph laughs as he gets three glasses and has a veth fill them with Fox Wine. The veth leaves promptly afterwards, knowing better than to even beg for his life in this place.
"No, milady. This assassin was successful in her attempt, so I can attest to the fact I was not the direct target of her employer, her great-grandmother, Lady Zara of the Elk. This woman is Quinen Drew, and... she has murdered my wife." There is a slight pause, during which both of them sip their wine and Quinen Drew's eyes plead, repeating the name, "Ashveil... ashveil..."

"So, you are not bound by marriage?" Lady Ecks asks seductively after sipping her wine.
"No," Arisaph answers simply, holding his hand up. "But if I were, should it stop us?" he asks her, raising his own glass to his lips.

As they hold each other, she kisses his neck, their eyes watching the assassin Quinen Drew with lust. "Will you return her to Lady Zara?" she asks.
"In what state must she be presented to her Patron?"
"Alive," he says, setting his glass down and holding Lady Ecks inappropriately.
"How wonderfully vague," Lady Ecks adds, as she eyes the many instruments of torture available to her and the newest Patron of her Temple.
"Yes, My Lady of the Black Rose. Quinen Drew is truly ours until Spring... She is ours, as well as every Bride the Great Lords and Ladies of Shanri send my way."
"Sparrow, I'll call you back. I've just gutted a man with a shard of wood and I need to make sure he's dead... I think you're right, Sparrow. I am a bad, bad man..."
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