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What happened to Vriyana after being dumped in the woods

PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:53 pm
by Paint Scribe
Something was chewing at the hole in my cheek. Some tiny carrion bitle likely. But there was nothing I could do as the poison still had full control over my body. The only thing it had not paralyzed was my tears and my thoughts, and both flowed profusely.

What he had done to me was unforgivable. I may have been naïve, foolish even. But what he had done was worse than my sins had warranted.

He had destroyed my Ancestor heart sheath blade.

Stialli. It was all I had of him. My first love. It was an innocent, chaste love, he had died before it had transformed into something that might have gotten us exiled from Thunin or Ven society. Stialli had died from wounds from the Ancestor we had hunted. The Ancestor who's heartsheath made the sword Alban had destroyed.

The very same Alban who I had given all my love to.

The Alban who had stolen my heart, then he had destroyed the sole reminder of the only pure love I had once possessed.

The Alban who had scorned my ork, and had single-handedly removed my ability to return to them.

Yes, I could return to the Thrunin. But I would never again be equal. I had done nothing while the most precious thing a warrior could be entrusted with was destroyed. Were I born of the Thrunin, I would be exiled.

It was mid-morning before I could flop my head so that the wound did not lay in the dirt. Many tiny legs scrambled over my skin and I managed to flop my hand enough to brush them off.

Struggling, I finally sat, though I sagged like a drunken veth. Something fell to the ground. It took a moment to register and then I cried out and clutched up the shard of what had once been an Ancestor heartsheath blade.

It cut the palm of my hand as I clutched it. I kissed it and held it tight. As I sat trembling, I knew what I must do.

I summoned Faelili. He was a good deal away, but I felt him leave his hunt to come to my side.

I struggled to my feet. It was awkward. My limbs were not yet completely free of the poison. I staggered forward, following a faint trail that lined the ground. Ven had been this way before. I paused when I found the water. It was a creek which had pooled to form a foul smelling pool. I went to it and knelt at the water's side. Brushing aside the scum, I looked at my reflection. The tattoos which marked me as Thrunin. Tattoos I had earned when I gained the blade. Tattoos I no longer had any right to. I looked at the burn. I could see the marks of the strange triadic symbol. My stomach turned. My mother's curse was bound in threes as well.

With a trembling hand, I set my teeth and began to use the thrunin blade to remove the skin.

It was careful. Thrunin who chose self-exile were careful. Just the skin. Deep enough to bring with it the marks. With it the scar Alban thought to mar me with forever.

No Alban. You shall not mark me. I choose what scar I will bear.

I am an exiled Thrunin. I am Kalis. I didn't weep. Not for this.

Blood dripped in my eyes. In the water. On the ground. I was vaguely aware of an audience. Yet, none of them interfered. This was old magic. Thrunin magic.

Faelili arrived before I finished and he waited on a branch.

When I had finished, I rose and limped to where the water flowed into the pond. I rinsed the skin in the flowing water. Tiny fishes came to nibble at it, but I brushed them away. Setting the wet skin in my lap, i cut several lengths from the bottom of my skirt. I used one to try to clean my face, but all I got was bloody water all over the front of my dress.
Finally, I just bound the wounds with the skirt.

While my skin dried, I cut another fragment of gown. Using a stick and the blood that dripped down my neck, I wrote on it the crude characters which Elder Waeil would know. The ones that said I would ever be friend to the Thrunin. That I was unworthy to carry their name. That I no longer asked for protection for the lands which he once shielded.

I contemplated the sword shard for a long moment, then I tucked it in my bodice. I would keep it. I rolled my bloody note around my skin and tied it with another strip of dress. Rising to my feet I went to Faelili. With him, a fresh bout of tears came. He was unsettled, not understanding why I wept. Why I hugged him so tightly. I gave him my message. "Take it to Elder Waeil" I said after I had released him from a final hug.

He cocked his head, gave as much reassurance that he would return quickly as he could and flew away.

I would never see him again. Elder Waeil had made clear, his life was spared only because he was mine and I was part of the tribe. They do not like sorcery.

I watched him until I could no longer even imagine a dot through the trees. Then I collapsed, exhausted. I would try to find my way back to the city tomorrow.

Re: What happened to Vriyana after being dumped in the woods

PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:46 pm
by NecrofellyaUp
ill spend a style point if your okay with it to say they dropped you close to my blood stone cave.

As you begin to collapse Lasga steps forward and catch you and gently set you down. As he steps back to look you over, you notice that he has changed from his typically muted brown clothes to robes of deep black and red.

"Oh dear poor Vriyana it is either great coincidence or poor humor that they have laid you here. what have they done to you?"

Re: What happened to Vriyana after being dumped in the woods

PostPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:28 am
by Paint Scribe
(It was your cave! Ben already gave me style for that.)

Vriyana mumbles... "He showed me what it means to be Ven."

Re: What happened to Vriyana after being dumped in the woods

PostPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:51 am
by NecrofellyaUp
"well not to be insensitive my lady.... but it is a valuable lesson to learn."

he takes another step back looks you over again and slowly shakes his head.

"Let me be frank with you I have never had any love for you. I do not understand you and your ork tendencies nor do I wish to, but I need a swords woman
and you it seems will need your revenge."

"I can promise you this; Arisaph is about to fall. join me now! Come to my castle and take the red with me and you will have your vengeance."

Re: What happened to Vriyana after being dumped in the woods

PostPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:31 am
by Paint Scribe
She looks at him through bloody bandages and gives a wide smile which seems most out of place on her. "You need not worry that I will," she pauses for a moment to choose her words, "sully your ears with talk of ork. There is nothing more for me in that quarter."

"As for Arisaph Steele, what happens to him is of no concern to me." She pauses, her gaze focused on something Lasga cannot see. "But, perhaps...That would be fitting."

She looks up, and perhaps with a little too much intensity that speaks of her desire. "Help me kill Lady Ecks. If you will help me kill her and gain her place as Talia's High Priestess of the Black Rose...." she smiles significantly, keeping his gaze. "I will be your sword. and I will kill whomever you wish."

then softly, almost as an afterthought. "Except Alban. He must live to appreciate what he has created."

((OOC, I will be a rather ineffective swordswoman until next season, when I can use style again.))

Re: What happened to Vriyana after being dumped in the woods

PostPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:53 am
by NecrofellyaUp
"it seems you HAVE learned your lesson, consider it a deal"
"come with me to my castle which I believe is very near the temple of Talia a fitting place to start"

Lasga comes forward take off his glove to offer you his hand and help you up

Re: What happened to Vriyana after being dumped in the woods

PostPosted: Fri Oct 30, 2009 11:07 am
by Paint Scribe
She takes his hand and lets him help her up. "Two more things." she murmurs, as they walk together.

"First, I consider Vriyana dead. I am... Celise. Yes, that is fitting. Celise Sinjin. A new name for a new ven." Once again, the strange grin. "Second, I think I am going to need a mask."