Lasga's Letter to the Earl of the Serpent

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Lasga's Letter to the Earl of the Serpent

Postby NecrofellyaUp » Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:44 pm

To The illustrious Earl of the Serpent

As when we last meet, I told you I was in part responsible for the death of your Beloved cousin. Let me explain further; I was under a direct command from Arisaph Steele to forge a letter to Caliban from Baroness Vasudeva. I have recovered and and included that letter in this package. As you will read it is a request that they should meet at the sixth pillar of the senate hall. Which by no coincidence is the exact pillar that Arisaph crashed his ship into. I will not pretend to be naive about my roll in this conspiracy, but murder I did not agree to. Had it not been for his murderous treachery your cousin would still be alive. I hope this package meets your satisfaction and completes our deal.

With sincerity
Lasga Uvan
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