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Postby Bards-Tale » Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:26 pm

After the Fall Althua at the Senate

My life is over....
My child will never see his father...
I no longer hear her voice...
I have lost everything in my world...

Ardon is dead. A by a sword poisoned by Iratu... the veth that will not die. He died by my hands and yet he came and poisoned the sword... he came, and Killed my husband... my love...
yes, even I had to admit the truth this night.
I loved Ardon. The fool that I am I loved him. And it was with this love that I lost it all.
In my foolishness, I saw my husband fall.
In my foolishness, I only thought of revenge.
In my foolishness, the Red Spirit came fast to me, I called upon my Grandmother to reveal who had poisoned the sword, she showed me who it was, but it was my foolishness that took over.
I picked up the blood sword.
I picked it up and attacked the veth.
In my foolishness, I lost everything that I am.
I no longer hear her voice.
For the first time in my life my ears are silent.
No longer do I dream of Truth.
No longer do I dream.
No longer do I preform the Sorcery I pride my self on.
The blade cuts deep, spilling my blood for the ritual, any ritual... and yet nothing comes from this...
Again I cut deep, the crimson flows down my arm and I say the words and I do what needs to be done... but nothing happens.
I have lost everything that I am.
My love is gone.
My Grandmother, my Suaven, has forsaken me.
My powers have left me.
I can not bare to look at my son very long. He calls for me and has tried to mend the cuts, but there is no point.
Around me I am in Yvaila Avala, no longer in ruins but a proper castle and yet it is still ruins to me.
I have nothing
I have nothing to live for
My world is Grey... and silent... and alone...
I have nothing left in this world...
and have no more need to be in this world...
"Some men see things that are that ask 'why'. I see things that never were and ask 'why not'?"
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