To Count Kether

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To Count Kether

Postby Loqua » Mon Feb 21, 2011 9:04 am

To His Grace, Count Kether

Per your instructions the Senate Herald delivered the message and as you thought people already have moved to help him. While I was able to sway one of those advisers to our cause, it would seem that others are clamoring to help Zsanosz....or Aban. Hopefully this will have the desired effect of tying up resources and favors into something that ultimately doesn't matter.

To your other order, I have begun offering resources to the nobles in this area. It is my sincere hope that we will have two agents next Season, but I doubt it. Luckily the price for their assistance was low and should have no discernible effect on the ledgers.

Lastly. after attending one of these parties, I do agree with your assessment of the area. 2 Murders, 3 Drunkards and a host of other undesirable traits. The only one who seemed to have any measure of tradition and decorum was the Bold Noble. I do think that the area could quite easily fit into your plans to expand and would require very little effort to do so.

I await further orders.

Yours, In Loyal Service
Largo Steele
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