Thane's Journal

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Thane's Journal

Postby wunderworks » Thu Feb 24, 2011 12:36 pm

I will never forget this night as long as I live. The ice water of the Senate's proclamation pales in comparison to her. Truly, their declaration has made things more difficult. I WILL be an Elk. I WILL be Blooded, even if I have to do the damn ritual myself -- I helped Calaban do it enough times to all those veth. But that is a minor issue. I will overcome it, I know I can. But her. How do I even speak to her again?

She who makes my heart stutter, my voice catch, and my wits flee in terror at her beauty! How can I combat such weapons? I dare not ask another. They will have a weapon against me, a chink in my armor and I must be strong. I've read Calaban's journals searching for such clues but the man was a celibate and saw marriage and romance only as political tools. He wrote only once of his desire for another woman -- some dancer at the Temple of Talia. It was clear that he was intoxicated on some poison when he saw her, his usual precise script was haphazard and blotched with ink drops, and he mentioned strange burning and sweating. I'd wager it was Dulsinith or perhaps too much of his regular Crimson Gasp dosage.

For an instant, when I first saw her, I thought that I had been poisoned (although I only drank and ate my own food before the althua). I checked my pulse and all the other telltales. I ran through the list in my head, and she had already said, "Hello," and was waiting for me to respond by the time I realized I was being rude. Small talk was made, I was polite, and was unable to say a single thing to her about her wit, her charm or her ineffable beauty.

I fear that I wasted at least half my time at the party thinking of and looking for her. I even dismissed the Serpent and Bear ambassadors who offered me blooding within their houses without even considering how to profit from their proposals. I spent far too much time thinking about how I could talk to her, and knew that I could not. I'm not a fearful man, but my Courage was not with me that night. I had no weapon or tools which I could use in a conversation with her. Nothing to peak her interest. We are so different, yet she is so lovely to me.

She spoke to that veth in all but blood - Dugal Krev and Krev's sister Fifae. Perhaps they were my in. They knew of my status and seemed to think of me on a mutual level. Perhaps, I am technically, but not truly. If only I had trained harder as a boy I might have defeated Kether. Jaymen killed his first man and won his first battle when he was 13 summers, but of course, he'd already been blooded. I spoke to Krev and Fifae about her and discovered that she is helping them with regards to their lands. I leapt at the opportunity and offered my services in any way that I could. I don't know how I can help them. My abilities lie in political, social, and occult scholarly realms, not in land management or beating up ruffians. Although, I could kill one with a blade if the need arose, curse my lack of blooding.

I shall spend the season there then with that wastrel Krev and his sister Fifae just so that I might spend time with her. With Elena.
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