Journal of Reva. Earl of the Wasp

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Journal of Reva. Earl of the Wasp

Postby Greystone » Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:43 am

It has come time for the House of the Wasp to finally come forward and claim their rightful place. I was very glad to see my kinsman Usagi after the fallout that we had, I still think is a fool but that is what love can do to a man. The party was to much for my tastes but being a fox party what could I really expect. The only good thing that came out of it is we found a wonderfull and intelligent person yet to be blooded and she has decided to join us. Though I dont agree with my kinsman on how that should be done. I do miss the company of Elena though im sure not as much as Usagi. The news that arrived at the end of the party about the Earl of the Fox was appaling and had to make haste to a dear friend Amavail who has helped me in the early days to inform him of what happened. I again listened to Amavails' advice about not heading to the capital, well I am sorry my dear friend but that is not possible. I will head there and have my voice heard, if he wants to be emperor he can change the failure so many years ago that caused us to be vailed.
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