Gwanal's Dream

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Gwanal's Dream

Postby Astelle_Mwwr » Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:36 pm

Good afternoon my lovely writing pad! And hello my lovely self who is reading this. If you are not my lovely self, please try not to bleed on the carpets when my guards stab you for entering my chambers, it is SO dreadful to smell!

I have had the most interesting dream last night and I simply MUST share it with someone, and since I know how much I love to listen to myself this seemed the obvious choice! It begins with a soft glow in the foreground, the gauzy curtains still pulled low on the stage that is my mind's eye

*Curtain raises on an idyllic scene. Veth are quietly tending large fields of spices and great arches of slender wood mark several grape arbors in the distance. Oddly, there seems to be a small circle in the middle of where the veth are working on which nothing at all is able to grow. Summer tilling becomes autumn harvest, then the bitter winds of winter, and even with the drifting snow still nothing touches this circle of bare earth. The viewer descends gently until they are almost directly on top of the circle as winter becomes spring, and a small circle of veth gather outside the circle. While they do not enter it, they ignore it completely, as if it were invisible to them, and then come the sibilant sounds. Whispered words drift in and out of hearing, slowly at first, and then gradually picking up tempo as the viewer rotates, and all of the veth appear to be whispering in unison without even realizing it. Once more time seems to slide by as the fresh green gives way to the darker shades of summer grasses, and now the whispers have become overpowering waves that hammer at the listener's ears like battering rams. Blurring slightly, the circle is no longer completely empty...a circular table slowly taking form as the harsh sibilance reaches a final crescendo, and without warning the blur is now a crisp image. Nestled in the middle of the fields and still ignored by the veth around it is now a circular altar, and atop it is curled a tall, thin young Ven woman...dressed in red and gold with a feather quill clutched in her slender hand. Stirring, Gwanal looks up for the table, and like a bubble of soap the entire image collapses. Through the silence, one lone whisper comes to the listener, perfectly clear, "build"
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