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A Letter to his Mother, Lady Callista Steele

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:58 am
by Nihilistic Mind
Mother Dearest,

How much time has passed since I have seen your beautiful and youthful face!
I keep missing the Althuas, but I am getting reports that you are quite busy yourself.
I do plan on heading to the Capital, due to the developments with the Earl of the Fox.
I imagine you will be going as well and I would prefer to travel together.
After all, what better occasion to make use of my namesake than when I am traveling with my dear mother!?

I have not yet decided what to do about the Earl of the Fox. I suppose it will depend where the opportunities lead us.
I will give you warning about my own endeavors: I am working on the culmination of sorcerous knowledge of which Shanri and all of ven society has never seen before!
Soon enough, even if the Earl succeeds in building his Empire, we will not need to worry about what society even is!
The world itself will be a living work of Art, an Opera! and Shanri will be no more!

Oh, Mother! How I wish for you to truly know what I have discovered! What I have created!
This work of Art I have built is truly unique and I would think you will be very proud when you witness it...
The Beauty of it is that it is but a small part for the massive work I have begun.

I simply cannot wait for us to discuss my grandiose plans.
In the meantime, beware of your Seneschal. Have him killed if you have not dismissed him already.
He is a madman, and his wife is none other than... Well, I should wait to reveal who Isla really is when we ARE in person.

Yours truly,
With the love of a perfect son,

Lorr Silja