A letter to her Son, Lorr Silja

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A letter to her Son, Lorr Silja

Postby Surena Marie » Wed Jul 27, 2011 2:32 pm

My Dear Son,

I would very much like to be in your company on the way to the Capital. I do think we have much to discuss. Your plans intrigue me. I cannot wait to see them! I know you will make me proud. For too long I have tried to shield you from the dangers of the outside world, my son, but I fear I do you an injustice.You are not a child anymore I think its time you learn about my own plans as well.
I'm so very close to realizing my true fate and potential. To protect the Gilded Rose forever. I've discovered a ritual that brings life everlasting. It's tricky but with a bit of help from my spymaster and a friend it is coming to fruition. But I need your protection My little Sparrow. I must keep my findings hidden until it is ready. If people find out what has been done in my name I surely will have many revenges on my head, even though I have never done more than suggest actions to be taken. I will discuss further upon meeting you.

As for my Seneschal, he has gone missing. Truth be told right before his absence he became suspicious and hard to be around. I do believe he has indeed gone mad and I am sure he will endanger himself sooner or later and will be dealt with accordingly. As for his Wife, yes i believe that is something we must talk about in person.

With All My Love,

Marquess Calista Steel
Surena Marie
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