Lorr Silja, Earl of the Fox

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Lorr Silja, Earl of the Fox

Postby Nihilistic Mind » Wed Sep 21, 2011 10:04 am

Lorr sat on his bed, reading through his Father's Journals and his Mother's Letters once again. In addition to these letters and pages were two letters from the late Suseri Mwrr. Or Suseri Ithryll as it were. Lorr breathed uneasily, sighing every so often.

He was undertaking the Ritual and he was straying so much from his Father's advice. "You will be freed soon enough, Father. Life and Death mean nothing to Sorcery. I will rewrite Shanri without Death. It is so unecessary... Death is a disease and this Ritual is the cure."

Picking up one of his Mother's letters, he brought it up to his face and took in the fragrance of it for a moment. "Mother, you will never age in my Shanri. You will remain as Beautiful and Youthful as you wish to be."

Abruptly, he dropped the letter and read through both letters written from Suseri's trembling hand. "Suseri, you desperate Sorceress. I have learned your final lesson. Sorcery surpasses all. Even Art."

Lorr sighs.

"I have one more lesson for you, my ven friends. A great lesson. The Greatest Lesson. Shanri will be an idyllic paradise where Art and Sorcery work together naturally and where all our Taboos about Sorcery are lifted. I will fix your lands, I will fix you all. You will no longer be the flawed creations of the Sorcerer Kings, as I have learned... Instead you will all be my perfect creations. My singers and actors."

"I hesitated for a long time with what to do with the Ritual. In spite of myself, studying it meant testing out its components. They work... Now the choice is mine to use that knowledge. Suseri... You have helped me make that choice. May you know Solace in my new Shanri!"
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