Ruins and Rituals

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Ruins and Rituals

Postby Peregrine » Mon Sep 26, 2011 12:52 am

Iyl watched the room carefully, blood dripping down from the deep cut in his hand. He'd grated bone while reopening the wound, but maybe it would heal this time.

The ritual was exhausting, but then, he knew it would be. A lifetime of study and preparation, but he had - in a limited way - done what only the Aelva Danna were capable of.

Stone dripped upwards from the floor, growing into fantastic glowing crystals when they splashed against the ceiling. The candle's flame was a toroid around the wick, burning without any apparent connection to its fuel. Iyl tossed a ball across the room into the opposite doorway, and observed how it vanished and reappeared, traveling in new and unpredictable directions. A rose on the desk bloomed in the space of a minute, before shriveling and decaying back into a seedling, from which a single rose stem grew again in an endless cycle.

The ritual worked.

Aside from one little inconvenience.

But it worked.

Iyl flipped through the notes and papers beside him, careless of the bloodstains and spatter left in his wake. The Device, when completed, was merely an amplifier. It would heighten the effect of the ritual, allowing it to spread across all of Shanri.

The inconvenience lied in the effect the Device amplified.

The Ritual rewrites Shanri; it destroys the world, then creates it anew according to the will of the ritual's invoker.

The Device only amplified the first half.

Iyl laughed to himself, “Lorr wanted to know if I'd made progress. Let him see this, and know that the Ritual does indeed work. No need to bring up any inconveniences.”

“Kethric! Kethric, blast it all, where have you gotten to? Ah, there you are,” the small feline shape looked at him uncertainly. “Come, we must be off to the Castle. I have business with the Duke.”
"The Senate took my lands, my titles, my Name... They will bury this and forget me. But I will live long enough to remind them of what should not be forgotten." - Iyl, the Aged Stranger
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