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Madness without, madness within

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:25 am
by Baron Sendar

What madness now is this? Has Lorr, whom I thought I could trust with my very life, even Lorr betrayed me? What magic is in this mask? No matter how I struggle, it will not come off.

THe waves of blood from the last Althua swept me out of the castle, and I remember little after the shaking and sound as a chill wind rushing through the house. But I dare not go back there. I know now that to reveal myself as I did when I saw my daughter was folly. Now, those loyal to Calista steele, even after her abrupt disappearance after her own althua, will know I yet live.

Curse Kyenin. Curse him for all eternity and to utter damnation. This whole time, the architect and engineer of the fall of my family had been under my nose. Would that I had not been too blind to see. Perhaps all of this could have been avoided.

I know not where I go now. But this much is clear to me: Suseri, as I asserted once already, was right. The Ven are cowards, drunk on power and bigotry. Perhaps it is time for a true revolution, not the petty revolutions of an upstart such as the late Emperor, may his name ne'er be uttered again, but an uprising of THE PEOPLE.

To any who might read this... I leave it here so that some day, those who come after may know who they have to thank and blame for everything they endure. You may think me crazy, but consider this: Given the choice, would you continue to live in constant fear of waking one day to find a dagger in your back, or would you do what you could to fix what was inherently wrong in the system, though it turn the balance of power on its head?

Re: Madness without, madness within

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:02 pm
by Baron Sendar
The darkness seems to claw at my very mind. I feel the tattered vestiges of what sanity I may have had prior to the events of two seasons ago tearing away, even as I avoid contact with the orks out of sheer necessity. It is... so difficult at times, however.... I feel... a thirst for blood, the likes of which even my father, in his bloodthirstiest days, never experienced. Even now I see him, standing there shaking his head at me. I know this should not be, that my father is dead, but see him I do. Is it just a dream? Was I wrong? Did he not die that eve? But no, Astelle said he was dead, and with finality... I should go and see her. See if perhaps she knows something of this mask, and my sudden urges. A thought occurs to me, but one too hideous to entertain: this mask, an artifact of the Sorcerer Kings like my sword, and the urges caused by the mask.

If that is true, however, then what cost must be paid to remove it? Is it a price I am willing to pay? Or will it cost me more dearly than my six year search? I know not, nor do I wish to entertain the notion further, lest what is left of my sanity slip even further.

Re: Madness without, madness within

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 12:01 pm
by Baron Sendar
Lorr is more mad than I thought him. In spite of the warning I issued, he still accepted the position of mouthpiece for the Senate, and just before the Senate saw fit to strip us of our lands and titles, an act they had no right to commit. An act for which they shall pay the utmost price. The Wolf, until now, have been content to remain in the background. I do hope that these events will convince them to move themselves out of the shadows and into the light where all may see that we have not simply become tools, but remain the weapons we were Blooded to be.