Gather the Talashan.

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Postby Loqua » Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:27 am

Iratu smiled. Dande had given him the respect of using his orkish name. Chorluun, or Wise Man. A tradition that even Iratu didn't know where it began. He had always liked to assume it came from some mockery of Ven naming. He waved his hand dismissively. "Do not worry about it Thraka," Iratu said, honoring Dande with his orkish name. "I have my vengeance planned. I have new children now and they will be stronger than before." Iratu wondered if Dande would pick up on the scent of the second person who shared this castle. His daughter, stolen many seasons ago, learning the ways of the ork. Soon to be introduced.

"I don't know, and that bothers me. The source is hard to trace, it is an old power. It feels as if the balance is being disrupted. Things that are not supposed to be, are. The virtue of Patience, long dormant is unveiled again. Now there are seven houses unveiled. This has never happened before. It would be foolish to think that these two things cannot be related. It leads to a very odd school of thinking though. If an unbalance of the Ven noble society can effect Vaja, there are deep ties that we must discover. I may ask my allies in The Next World to see if they are effected by these events. To think that the there may be a connection between Ven society and Vaja, it would certainly raise questions about the laws of Jonan Drax. Did he have insights into Vaja as well? A man possessing that sort of mental clarity, its not unreasonable. What can be done on your end?"
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