The Invisible World

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The Invisible World

Postby Kyocera Ru » Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:55 am

Letter from Dr. Richard O'Shea, Professor of Anthropology, University of Edgestow, currently assigned to the Massalia Dig
My dear Dr. W,

The dig is going very well, and I hope to have some findings for the society before long. However while picking through Argossean ruins I seem to have come across some much older legends. They do not fit with the Argossean cosmology, and they are certainly not from the Atlantean epoch. I can only assume that they are something from your territory. It is an old dialect, but it seems to refer to what you have called "Totemic Ven Animals". Elk, Bear, Fox, and some nebulous, non-physical creature the Argossean text refers to as "Vandanday". The similarity between this and the Ven "Avanadande" cannot be coincidence.

If this is a holdover from Ven legends, it is something of a breakthrough. It speaks of some strange phenomenon they call "The Invisible World". Understand this is not the Invisible World as it might poetically be referred to by modern spiritualists, but rather it seems to have been a place both sacred and forbidden, a place of spirits. Not gods, not ancestors, just spirits. The word is a strange one, roughly it translates to "echoes". Or perhaps "memories". Legends say that those who enter the Invisible World rarely return, and those that do are forever changed. The experiences of the legend seem to be personal, much like a vision quest. The "revered ancestors" (the rough Argossean translation) are present, but this is not their realm [i]per se[i]. This is the realm of Elk, and Bear, and Boar, and Fox, and Wasp, and Wolf, and Spider, and Serpent, and Falcon. Not the animals themselves, but the echoes, or memories, or perhaps concepts of them. It's all quite vague. The legend tells of a man who traveled to the court of the great Boar. The Boar sought to devour him, but he abased himself and was instead granted tasks of increasing difficulty. The Boar gave him hooves and tusks to aid him, which in the Boar's realm were something important, but it is unclear (sacred weapons? Totemic gifts? The account seems to contradict itself, one moment expressing these bestial traits as gifts from the Boar, the next referring to them as reflections of the entrapped mortal.) He confronts his worst fears, and is tempted with his greatest desires. Finally he disobeys the Boar and escapes rather than performing the final task, finding a way out of the Invisible World through the spilling of blood and a pledge of service to something (the identity of his benefactor is unreadable). After his escape he was changed, and always carried something of the spiritual with him.

The fragments I found were very well hidden, almost obsessively so. Young Garret thinks there might be some stigma attached to the belief. Perhaps much like the stigma attached to those of our day who believe in UFOs.

I have enclosed some photographs which I hope will be useful.


Dr. Richard O'Shae
Massalia DIg


You will note the consequences of one who stays in the Invisible World. The Argossean here seems to be spectre?

My dear Dr. O,

Thank you for your letter. It is most fascinating, and sheds light on a few Ven fragments I have been made aware of. I think Mr. Garret is quite right in his assessment. Mere belief of the Invisible World seems to be something easily dismissed or laughed at. But certainly some claimed to have been in it, or lost others to it. The gateway to the Invisible World would be ever-shifting, only accomplished with great sorcery of some kind, so the Ven stigma against sorcery would prohibit any accurate records. My Argossean is no better than your Ven, but I think your "spectre" here is a mistranslation. It seems more akin to "spiritual prisoner." Perhaps one who has stayed too long can no longer escape?

All the best,

Dr. W.
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