Translating Yllanavana

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Translating Yllanavana

Postby Peregrine » Sat Jul 24, 2010 10:04 am

I recently happened upon some notes of O. Pugg used for his dissertation, and later for his Mu Magazine article. The Ven language is certainly nuanced from any angle you look at it.

Pugg wrote:...Apparently the snakes[sic] aren't keepers of language. Obvious in retrospect, that for a culture whose primary tenets include "you name a thing you own it," it isn't always the knowledge gatherers that name things. It is the explorers and craftsmen and artists more so than the wise that are responsible for the naming of things...

This seems a powerful insight into some of the esoteric facets of Yllanavana. A great deal of the difficulty in translating the language is that it evolved so differently than other languages, and has few if any of the earmarks of over developed languages; Yllanavana has little to no root structure, an open syllable structure, and sometimes incomprehensible grammar rules.

This is all due to the fact that everyone in Ven society was changing the language all the time. It was the powerful that controlled the language, and consensus that shaped it. A Ven lord says that 'Senvu' means an honored swordsman, and that's what it means as long as he has the power to back it up. The more Ven that agree to the meaning of a word, the more stable it becomes and more ingrained into the language.
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