Map of Tatvash Ni Devah found!

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Map of Tatvash Ni Devah found!

Postby JLHBurnett » Sun Aug 31, 2008 3:20 pm


While investigating a recently discovered cache of Lemurian artifacts near the Bimini Road, archaeologist Dr. Theodore Herringbone uncovered a most unusual map. The map depicts an unknown land along with a legend written in glyphs unfamiliar to him. Neither the art style nor the glyphs conformed to any known Lemurian technique. Dr. Herringbone brought the incongruous artifacts to the attention of his colleague Dr. Gavin Renquist of Bowling Green University. The learned anthropologist determined that the map was, in fact, a Ven artifact! How a relic from the Ven came into the possession of Lemurian traders is still unknown. Nor is it known how such a map survived (at least) two global cataclysms. The map is printed on an unidentified, copper-colored material, neither paper, nor metal, nor hide, but possessing qualities of all three. It is presumed to be a product of Ven alchemical science.

After a year of research and translation, Dr. Renquist has determined that the map depicts the province of Tatvash Ni Devah, an obscure barony ruled by Deta Mwrr until her mysterious death, when rule was assumed by her husband Fyx Sheeda. Tatvash Ni Devah was bordered by hoary, Ork-haunted mountain ranges of basalt and obsidian on its north and east sides and the sea on its south and west. Glyphs warn of dangerous Orks along the southern coast.

Diligent research by Dr, Renquist and his twelve graduate assistants have identified a number of other features illustrated on the map. In the center of the barony sits Devah Castle and the prosperous village of Kendrik. These lie nestled in a river valley between the Sunrise Hills (to the east) and the Sunset Hills (to the west). Directly north of Devah Castle is a vast tract of fertile farmland dominated by the large farm managed by the venerable Avendi clan. The Gray Maiden river runs from the northern mountain range to the southern coast. East of the river and south of the hills lies Dredmire Swamp, which was noted for it's large blood-toad population. On the west side of the river sits the Kalistos Forest, known for its golden-leaved penumbra trees. Several outposts and watch towers are depicted on the map, as is a large bridge crossing the river between the forest and swamp.

Dr. Renquist and his underpaid assistants continue to investigate the mysteries of the map.
-Joshua LH Burnett-
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Re: Map of Tatvash Ni Devah found!

Postby JohnWick » Sun Aug 31, 2008 5:42 pm

Shanri Research Institute Approved and Verified

Good find!
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