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Blood & Tears Game, PHX az - Additional Truths

Postby Nihilistic Mind » Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:35 am

A few things I forgot to add to the truth sheet. I'm using this thread as a reminder. Also, if you forgot to add truths as well, I will update the sheets at the beginning of next game.

-Ashveil has kidnapped Baroness Saiya Tammal's Artisan (who was also named Ashveil) and has replaced him.
-Baroness Saiya has been too busy to notice the switch.
-Ashveil has used his father's (Tyv Adrente's) Blood unknowingly when he was teaching Kyenin Steele a Ritual. Kyenin Steele provided the blood.
-Taking advantage of a well-timed discussion, Ashveil offers his services as an Artisan to Messol Burghe (which Messol accepts), releasing the real Artisan Ashveil back to Baroness Sayia Tammal.
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