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Open season to meddle

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:41 pm
by Astelle_Mwwr
Okay, so I am FINALLY able to get to another Houses of the Blooded Game, and I have a simple and masochistic request. I'm not sure yet who I'll be playing, but my current characters are Astelle and Gwanal (Astelle is the Serpent with a flair for turning into Calaban Ru mysteriously, and Gwanal is the Fox who managed to make a complete fool of herself at her first/last Althua) I'm looking for any ideas, either for what interesting things may have happened between either of my current characters and anybody else's character, or what new character I might play that could have a connection to anyone else's character. Feel free to reply to thread, and I'll choose the ones I like best depending on what character I end up playing! Oh yes... do NOT restrict yourselves to being "nice"! I do not mind having horrible things stacked against my characters!

Re: Open season to meddle

PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:49 pm
by wunderworks
You could become haunted by Calaban Ru's Suaven which is being driven mad by Beryll Tal's Suaven. :D

Re: Open season to meddle

PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2012 11:14 am
by Baron Sendar
Annnnnnnnd of course, I missed this one. I did have an idea for a new character for you, but not sure if you's still looking for ideas.

If you are, here's my idea.

In my signature, there's a Veth with Patience (Yes, Spider's Virtue). He also has the Aspect Twin. Unfortunately, I have no one to PLAY that twin. Bastian doesn't exactly know where his twin is, or by what house he/she has been taken in, and frankly, would probably be very shocked to see him/her again... alive at least, with things that have gone down in the world of Shanri since last they parted ways (him to go serve with the Adrente/Anarathi family, the twin to do Suaven only know what.) So there's my idea.

I'mma sit down and shuttup now.