December Game - The Game Of Veth

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December Game - The Game Of Veth

Postby Bards-Tale » Sun Dec 02, 2012 2:18 pm

Hey Ya'll, it is that time of year again for Phoenix's December LARP!!!!!
5:00 Pre-Game And Set Up
6:00 Announcements
6:30 In-Character Dinner and GAME ON!

The December LARP is a little different then the rest of the year. First off, it is not really connected to the main story line. Maybe there might be names or references from the other game, but over all this is going to be at the property of a Count that is not part of the main game..... he is an NPC but you will learn more about that at the game ;)

So what do you need to know for this game? Well..... you are all playing Veth! That is right, you are all the Dirt that the Nobles Kick Off Their Shoes. However, tonight is special. You see, the Count has just had a big Althua, and all the Nobles are tucked away in bed passed out from Wine, Women, and Song..... And you have the rest of the night off. So you all have sneaked away to the barn, taking with you the food that was not eaten in the kitchen, and are going to have your own night of Games, and Dancing, and Merriment.

Characters are going to be pre-made. They will be handed out at the game. Your character sheet will have 3 Truths about your character on it, but you will be naming your characters when you get your sheet. All explanations on how to play The Games That Veth Play and what not will be explained at the Gathering. With costumes remember you are Veth, so it is time to bust out all that Black that you normally don't get to wear!

Here is where I need your help though..... This is a Potluck! I will be bringing a Turkey, but I need your help in bringing everything else. We need Side Items, Drinks, Plates, Plasticware, Cups, Napkins, and maybe Dessert. So if you could either post here or on the Facebook Page and let me know if you will be able to bring something it will be a BIG HELP!!!!! Also, if anyone has Christmas Garland (like green Holly type), Hay Stacks, Rustic Blankets, Pillows, or other props to set the mood it would be welcomed as well :)

If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Thanks Everyone!!!!!
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