Question- how does one handling the flux of characters

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Question- how does one handling the flux of characters

Postby wastevens » Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:51 pm

So, kind of an idle thought, but- how does a persistent game of Blood & Tears handle the flux of characters that tend to ebb and flow over LARPs? In particular, with regards to handling season actions and conquests?

By which I mean (for an extremely simplified example):

Bob, George and Alice all play in a game of Blood & Tears, which meets once a month.

Bob begins a conquest of George's province between Games 1 and 2.
George's character dies during Game 2.

Can Bob continue to conquor George's province? Can Alice begin to do so? Can George's new character?

Bob then begins a conquest of Alice's province between Games 2 and 3.
Alice is struck by an unfortunate case of Real Life, and is forced to miss Game 3. Not only that, but she fails to send in her season actions at all.

Can Bob continue to conquor Alice's province?
Does this answer change is Alice misses game 4? Game 5? Does it matter if she persists in telling the staff that she does mean to come, but reality keep intervening, vs telling the staff that she has no intention of returning?
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