Zsanosz - The Gentleven's Gentleven

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Zsanosz - The Gentleven's Gentleven

Postby wunderworks » Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:52 am

Here is Zsanosz, as per his current status in the LARP:

Zsanosz (Steele)
Family Name - Steele - I have never been defeated
Invoke: Gain 3 bonus when making a deal or a bargain
Public Name: Zsanosz - A helping hand
Secret Name: Hajkalay - lit. The Blooded, I know the ways of the Blooded
Sorcerous Name: D’valesh - A Game of Knives

Mother - Asami Yvarai- Blooded of the Fox - Deceased
Father - Giovanni Steele - Blooded of the Elk - Deceased - The Former Count of Kether
Zsanosz Steele was first born of six, only the two youngest survive. One of them might be a Q’val of Talia.

Title: Senechal to Lorr Silja, former Valet to Lorr Silja
Age: Summer
Married: no
Children: no

Strength: W Cunning: 3 Courage: 2 Beauty: 4 Wisdom: 2 Prowess: 3

The Victorious Senvu (Swordsman)
The Victorious Warrior wins first, then goes to war. While the defeated warrior goes to war first, then seeks to win.
Invoke: Gain 3 bonus when fighting with a sword.
Tag: Tag for 2 bonus when having to fight fair.
Compel: Gain a Style Point to back down from a fair fight.

Senvada (Scholar)
Invoke: Gain 3 bonus for knowledge of sorcery, ancient history, and the sorcerer kings
Tag: Tag for 2 bonus to act while I am still thinking about something
Compel: Gain a Style Point to be too curious for my own good.

Conversationalist (Gossip)
What is not being said is far more important that what is being said.
Invoke: Gain 3 bonus to pry private information from a person during "friendly conversation."
Tag: Tag for 2 bonus because I've spoken to so many people I can't remember them all
Compel: Gain a Style Point to get to know someone

Chemiste (Apothecary)
The cure is sometimes worse than the poison
Invoke: Gain 3 bonus to use/create potions, poisons and medicines
Tag: Tag for 2 bonus because I am distracted thinking about my alchemy
Compel: Gain a Style Point to explore an Alchemical Tract

Solace Aspect - A 'Slight' Limp
With age comes infirmity.
Tag: Gain 2 bonus when forcing Zsanosz to rely on his left leg
Compel: Gain a Style Point when Zsanosz limps

Count Kether
Invoke: Gain 3 bonus when making any risks that will harm my enemy.
Tag: Tag for 2 bonus to force me to ignore other matters and focus on his enemy.
Compel: Gains a Style Point when he is compelled to focus on his enemy.

1. Lorr Silja

Devotions (0 BP)
1. Jaymen Steele - Devotion rank 3

Sorcery (1 BP)
The Oath, The Contract, The Tulpa, The Rose, The Vendetta, The Curse, The Mirror

Holds the Cure to the Ork Poison

Injure 3, Defend 3, Disarm 3, Parry 3, Dodge 3, Feint 3, Press 3, Riposte 3, Sap 1

1. Owes a Favor to Lucas Adrente
2. Has the Favor of Alkresh
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