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PostPosted: Sat May 11, 2013 4:58 pm
by Astelle_Mwwr
Public - Beast
Family - (unknown)

Mother -veth
Father -veth

Strength - 4
Cunning - 3
Courage - 3
Beauty - W
Wisdom - 2
Prowess - 2

1) Believes she is an animal

1) Loyal
2) Feral Combat

Unique Feature
Keen sense of smell

From an early age, this young veth was raised by her owner as a mere animal. Using her as a fashionable pet and trained attack beast, her master was expecting the trend of veth guard beasts to become the latest fashion in Ven culture. When this failed to happen, the Ven blamed the veth for being "defective" and traded her to a Ven slave trader to get rid of the stigma of owning a defective veth! (This character is one I am hoping to play for the Phoenix LARP, but she is NOT official yet, so things might change)